Handling heavy warjacks

Arcane Synthesis presents a tactica on handling heavy warjacks

Any hints I missed? Are there any other models that you’d like a deep dive into (either playing or countering)?


One thing I noticed that you didn’t mention about the Sentinel is the existence of Arcanessence Regenerator. Even if you knock an Empyrean gate down to 1 arc, there’s a chance that one will just become 5 during one of their cipher plays, making the Sentinel much easier to resummon than any other heavy.


At first I thought this was about physically handling the models, but it turns out this was a more useful writeup than that.

A decent analysis without going into too many nitty-gritty details, and I generally agree with what you said. The Sentinel is still quite unfamiliar to me, so it was nice to read someone’s thoughts on it.

(On the physical handling side, I can’t seem to fit a shield onto Morningstar B’s left arm, making it hard to equip my Gatecrasher jack with two shields. Any suggestions? I’m thinking of adding an extra layer of magnets to lift the shield off the arm a bit, but that would look inelegant.)

That’s a good point. Tbh I haven’t seen much of that card.

Handling heavy models … Hmm. Do weights be strong big models. Store and transport weapons. Magnetised and glue. There’s a concept for an article in there :slight_smile: