Flood waters and Amphibious interaction

If model A casts flood waters, and model B is within (but NOT completely within) 5", will model B get concealment if it has Amphibious?

My interpretation is YES, but its a bit strange so i wanted more ppl to look at it :sweat_smile:

RaW its a yes,my guess is thats a simplicity thing

Yes, that works. If a model is within β€” not completely within β€” 5” of the Floodwater model, that model treats open terrain as shallow water. The spell does not say β€œterrain within 5” of this model is shallow water.” The spell affects models, not terrain. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you within 5” of a model with Floodwaters? Are you a model with Amphibious? Are you in open terrain? If so, you treat that open terrain as shallow water, and you really kind of MUST be completely within the terrain you are completely within by definition, unless models curve into hammerspace or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s an interesting little thing, but yeah. Looks to be the case that if you touch the bubble, you would benefit.