Flight over razor wall

The spell does not say anything about flight, so we were unsure. Does a model with flight still take damage going over a razor wall?

I’ll take the case!

So, here’s what Razor Wall does:

Razor Wall places a wall template. It is not a hazard or anything of that nature. (I mention this because certain hazards do specify their interactions with models with Flight.)

I would quote Flight, but (as you mentioned) Flight says nothing at all meaningful in this regard. :slight_smile: (Beyond the very generic “It can advance through obstructions and other models if it has enough movement to move completely past them.”, which does nothing special in our case.)

Because Flight does not state a specific interaction with Razor Wall, and Razor Wall does not state any specific interaction with Flight, one can safely conclude that there are no special interactions. A model with Flight will suffer the damage point if it enters or ends its activation in the area of the wall template.


Ya thats how we played it. But feel like it needs some specifics as a wall is onky 4 by 1 inches tchnically

It’s an abstraction. :slight_smile: Flight, when first introduced, used to be waaaaay too good. It was essentially a license to ignore everything. It had to be toned down for good reasons. :slight_smile:

(I joke that Legion players were so mad at the start of MK III because they actually finally had to learn the terrain rules. There’s a non-trivial kernel of truth in that. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, wall templates are 4" x 0.75", just FYI.


Yeah, it’s a bit wonky, but the Razor Wall would indeed work on a model with Flight.

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Perhaps the wall shoots spikes upwards at anything trying to pass over it.