Dark and Stormy Knight, Storm Legion Sharpshooter

I really dig this Mini-Create alt sculpture of the Storm Legion Sharpshooter. I had to paint her up.



Yeah, the alt sculpt is lovely. I kinda wanted to paint this one too, but I had already promised to gift it to a friend who
a) actually plays Cygnar
b) loves snipers
c) is a fan of the character who inspired this alt sculpt.

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Just getting back into warmachine, mini crate is very limited right? Are there any re-sellers or ways to get one of these models?

You can occasionally find some on eBay for reasonable prices, and more often, for unreasonable prices. I don’t think they’re sold to retailers the way normal Warmachine models are.

They’re intended to be limited collectors’ models. Once they’re sold out, the molds are destroyed. (Not sure how that works now that they’ve moved to 3D printing - do they destroy the hard drive where the 3D sculpt was saved?)

I’ve sold only a small handful of the Minicrate models I’ve purchased, usually when it’s a model I don’t feel like painting and which would make someone else happy. That is, I tend to sell them only to people I know. And when I do, I don’t ask for more than I paid myself - I’m not in it for profit, but to help folks who missed the Minicrate or don’t want to subscribe. (If someone absolutely wants to pay more, I haven’t refused, but anything over 20 bucks is, in my opinion, extortion.)