Extreme scourge for AC


A kitbash to build up an Extreme Scourge warjack for Warcaster.

Happy with the end result, a bit chunky, dramatic, and bigger weapons.

Put this on Facebook and discord, no idea what proportion of people I’m bugging multiple times :slight_smile:


Awesome conversion - and really cool pose!

The dark dirty color scheme fits it very well.
Thanks for sharing.

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This is AMAZING!

I haven’t gotten up the courage to try a proper kitbash yet, but your Scourge is motivating me to finally give it a go.

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Do it!!! It’s great fun.

Also considering writing some guides on techniques used for this model,to inspire other cool conversions. Is there anything people want me to cover?

Added some of the techniques I used on this extreme scourge, if anyone wanted to try a few things themselves

Id love to see other people’s attempts at an extreme warjacks: from Warcaster or Mk4

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