Enemy Intel Feedback

Played Enemy Intel last night at 75 points. I had an Exemplar Interdiction force under Cyrenia, with mostly infantry, including two squads of Cinerators and a squad of Bastions with a Seneschal. My opponent played Infernals under Amodamos, with Princess Regna, various horrors, cultists, and a Guardian of Souls. I was defending a bunker in a built-up cityscape.

(Sorry, I didn’t take a lot of pictures, and what I did take didn’t illustrate my point well)

I deployed with a squad of Errants inside the bunker, and throughout the game, if it looked like my opponent was going to Breaching Charge the bunker, I’d pull my squad out, and if warrior models were approaching, I’d put them back in. This meant, together with the rest of my infantry surrounding the bunker and murdering the Infernals, that my opponent never really had a chance to extract the Intel. And if our positions were reversed, I’d have the same problem, since I took few Cohort models.

It does feel like there should be a way to extract the Intel that doesn’t rely on the Breaching Charge. Neither of us scored any points. I wonder if a spray weapon directed at the bunker would effectively clear it if it killed the models within (flamethrowers were used as bunker-clearance weapons IRL, after all) without destroying the bunker. Part of this is just my opponent’s army list, but it feels like the scenario might need a bit of work.

Two quick thoughts:

  1. Battle Forge says up front that scenarios may be imbalanced in favor of either the attacker or defender. It happens, and it happens by design. :slight_smile:
  1. If your opponent was close enough to potentially Breaching Charge the bunker, and you intentionally existed the bunker and left it unoccupied, then:
    a) They absolutely, positively should have used Breaching Charge, because unstoppable 4d6 damage is a great way to remove that Bunker ASAP. It gets even better if they have cheap Cohort models, so something like two lights can walk up and auto-hit the Bunker for 8d6 damage.
    b) If you (the attacker) have no models occupying the Bunker, then the opponent should have 100% used their essentially free “Extract Intel” action and gotten the intel out of the bunker. If the defender voluntarily leaves the bunker, I’d count that as a win for the attacker!

The Attacker can gain 3 VPs very easily in that situation: 1 for hitting it with Breaching Charge, and 2 for extracting the intel objective.

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If the attacker destroys the bunker, the defender gets 2 victory points and the Intel is lost. My opponent didn’t have a Cohort model get in close, or warriors get close enough to extract.

The defender only scores if the bunker is destroyed before the intel is extracted, right?

The defender can also score if the bunker is occupied and still has intel, but yes, the defender only gets points from the bunker being destroyed if the intel hasn’t yet been extracted.