Drakyon - can he make follow up when he frenzies?

Drakyon failed for frenzy roll. He make attack from Gore weapon and make slam also. Atacked model is slammed d6" and it is not destroyed by this attack. Can Drakyon can make follow up? Does model which frienzies has normal combat action?

There are two efects tha happens immediately:

  • after resolving this attack the wearbest’s activation immediately ends
  • follow up: immediately after the slam is resolved
    I think that resolving slam is before resolving attack.

No, the Drakyon cannot Follow Up on a Frenzy due to Follow Up being an optional ability. Optional abilities can’t be triggered in a Frenzy, Mandatory abilities (except those that generate attacks) must be triggered.

Do you know where that is in the rules? I can’t find anything about optional abilities and Frenzies.

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It’s this portion:


What is “described above” is exactly that the warbeast makes one attack. It doesn’t say anything about “and resolves whatever optional stuff it wants to” during that; just that it makes one single attack. :slight_smile:

(Obviously, non-optional items - such as Weaponmaster or Flank - must continue to function, because the “one attack” portion doesn’t specify the converse. You make one attack, doing exactly what you would normally do while making one attack because those are the standard rules, and that attack is all you can do.)

It is a continued Infernal Clarification based on logic that Michael proved context around.


Thank you for clarification.