Great Bear Momentum Gun and Slammer Head Interaction

Those of you familiar with the popular “Slam Bear” configuration will probably know what I’m about to ask, but I’ve seen an interpretation of this rules interaction out there that don’t match my reading of the rule and would love clarification. This is in regards to how the Khador Great Bear’s Slammer head interacts with its Heavy Cannon. Screencaps here:

I have heard people often quote that Follow Up triggers on the Momentum Slam, but the second sentence of Grand Slam does not trigger. Based off my reading of the phrase

Models slammed by this model are moved an additional 2"

I would think that Momentum triggers this clause of Grand Slam. Would it be possible to get a clarification of this interaction between rules on the Slammer head and the Heavy Cannon?


Both would apply. Neither the Follow Up or Grand Slam +2" say that they only apply to Power Attacks.


Malkav beat me by about 10 minutes. :slight_smile: He is correct, and your reasoning is correct as well.

Grand Slam has two portions that exist independently of each other:

  1. Make slam power attacks without spending focus.
  2. Models slammed by this model are moved an additional 2".

The second clause just says “slammed.” It doesn’t care how you slammed them.

The Heavy Cannon’s Momentum rule slams small- and medium-based models; therefore, the second sentence of Grand Slam applies.


Correct amswer given