DMs Notes and campaign tracking

I don’t know how you all keep track of a campaign but i have started to use and i figured some of you might find that interesting. here is my setup into Session 1

Strangelight Shenanigans Session 1

I use the note taking program called There are plug-ins that help with initiative tracking, monster statblocks, and maps. I have some pictures of those

This is a screenshot of my Corvis Notes.

This is a statblock for one of my players for the 2d6 version, but there is a whole community around 5e dnd and all you would have to do is add the Requiem stuff

This is a screenshot of my session notes with Syrinscape links directly in the notes to play sounds, my notes are adapted from Sly Flourish’s Lazy dungeon master

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I just use an Excel sheet. If the story is highly dependent on knowing the timing of each event, I can write the dates and times on columns and then type the important events under them. Especially important in mystery detective adventures where you need to know exactly where each suspects was at a given time.

Are you able to share your Corvis map and how
you have split the coloured areas up please?

Yeah I will post it in is own thread

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