Development team insight?

Hello fellow gamers. Long time player here with several armies with mk4. I’ve play a hand full of games with almost all my armies. Lately it’s been bugging me the election of models that mk4 legacy prime armies are getting. In addition some of the rules changes and point cost changes. I think it would be a great idea if privateer press would share their thoughts on why the changes? Would they have any updates to current mk4 legacy prime armies? I know they just release 4 armies this month but some of the changes are hard to accept. I’m not trying to be bias or unfair but when I read the rules for madrak3 and I read the rules for Thyron it just feels unfair. Is it possible to hear why Gunbjorn1 made the cut when it’s almost 15 years old compare to Gunbjorn2 who is less than 2 years old? It’s really hard to understand the choices. Again I’m not trying to be negative nor I don’t want people to bash on the company. I really love the game and models but I feel like changes are happening for not an actual good reason. Help Privateer Press?


It would certainly be nice; I at least would appreciate it.

I don’t understand why Khador got Harkevich, Andy, and two Sorschas, but no Butcher or Karchev. Unless PP are saving them for Cadres or something. And some characters (coughStrakhovcough) have changed a lot, for reasons that are not obvious to me.

I guess one problem might be that if people disagree with the logic behind change they don’t like, they might be even more dissatisfied with those changes, than if the reasons were not explained?

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Do you have a few more specific examples to go off of?

Yea I imagine this is part of the concern, abuse towards developers who make decisions you disagree with is unfortunately not uncommon in gaming of any kind.

I would also be curious just to hear some of the thoughts behind what models made it in to Legacy Prime Armies, but it’s important to remember that if any of the team does decide to speak up about it part of that social contract there is that members of the community don’t attack them for their explanation.


So what bother me the most is that madrak3 was finally playable at the end of mk3. Losing defenders ward and battle lust put him below average. Positive charge is a great spell but it’s really short and +2 dmg is not the same as an extra die of dmg. Thyron had fury which added +3 dmg and suffer -1 def. They replace that with battle lust. Warded are base pow15 now adding a extra makes them extremely good. Thyrons new feat is super good and I would say even better than his old feat.

For me it’s just that a whole bunch of units and models aren’t even playable right now.

But we just got out of a pandemic/lockdown, your LGS probably probably wasn’t even open for a year or two, some people are still wearing masks at the store. I’m having some patience with everything right now. Some LGS may even have permenently closed down

I’d love it but that’s the kind of talk I’d hear over drinks and food at a con. Dunno if it’s a good use of their time but yeah, a post mortem of Legacy would be nice. I’m guessing too that what they wanted for Prime in terms of gameplay was a big thing.

IIRC Legacy Unlimited still has stuff to come? So maybe stuff folks want might still make it into the game. Just not for Prime. I am wondering, of course, which models they were like, “Thank Menoth we don’t have to bring X back into prime. What were we thinking when we made them?”

Everything pre-MK IV should have rules by the end of 2023.

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One hundred percent agreed. There’s absolutely no conceivable positive outcome in this scenario online. :slight_smile:

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Awesome. My friends never liked Theme Forces in any edition so they’ll be at full force when everything is out. I did “rule of cool” and made really messy armies so I’m actually happier now even though I’ve got a bunch of stuff that isn’t supported yet. Using Prime as a guide was super helpful.