Beta Test Thoughts - Mk3 Discussion Policy

Okay so this one is admittedly a hot potato of sorts. Obviously there has been a lot of heat over the Mk3 vs Mk4 discussion on other platforms and there is a non-zero chance of those sorts of discussions flaring up here as well unless the policy is “don’t discuss Mk3”. I do think that there are going to be players who either still prefer Mk3 or play both in parallel or are playing Mk3 until they find a Mk4 Army they really like and I do think it is worth allowing some discussion of that here, at least at first. If it becomes impossible for there to be a thread about Mk3 without it devolving than you would have to reconsider, but I think the optics of disallowing or actively discouraging it from the get-go would be pretty bad. If it has it’s own tag/topic/subcategory (still trying to get a feel for the terminology of Discourse) it may be containable enough to just let it be?

I’ll admit I don’t really know what the right answer is here. Personally I do still intend to play Mk3 occasionally and would like an official place to have discussions about it, but I honestly don’t know if it would just completely blow up in PP’s face.

Let’s give it a shot. Mrk 3 talk can go here and should use a MK3 tag as well.

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I would make a separate major category for it. That way the discussion can still happen, but it would be separate. Similar to how RQ, MonPoc, Hobby, etc. have their own main groups.

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I like his idea, would definitely love to use the forum for both Mkiv and mkiii stuff

I posted an army list and noted MK4. I think the tagging isnt hard and until they have full Mark 4 rules MK3 is a super viable option.