Deepbourne Dire Troll kit feedback

Been putting together the Brineblood preview box and overall I’m very impressed with the sculpts. The designs are great, the detail is excellent, and they don’t feel at all brittle.

The one flag I do have are the connection points on the Deepbourne, so I wanted to leave some focused feedback for the team.

Both the Deepbourne and the Reef Troll have very deep sockets for their hard points and in the case of the Reef Troll these worked perfectly. For the Deepbourne though it seems like the sockets on the body are just a bit shallower and wider than the pegs on the hard point parts, leading to noticeable gaps and just a bit of wiggle in some of the connections.

This is most noticeable on the back fin, which to me fair also has the most total surface area that touches the body and has to try to match up. However it is noticeable on the head and hands as well.

To fix this I simply took a hobby knife and shortened the pegs (fortunately the magnet holes inside the pegs are very deep so their was plenty of material I could remove without messing with the magnets I had already glued). The result is a much better fit all around. The fin still has a noticeable gap and I may make another attempt at shaving them down but with that much contact surface to the body it’s probably a bit inevitable.

I hope that this feedback is helpful; I don’t know anything about printing or sculpting but it seems like if the pegs were shortened by just a little bit it would greatly improve an otherwise excellent kit.


Bonus content because I was taking pictures for friends, but the detail on Admiral Boomhowler compared to plastic Fire Eaters or even really new metal sculpts like the Warden Executioner is insane and cleaning up her supports took maybe 5 minutes with a hobby knife.


Thank you for the tip! That is helpful. The new models really do look awesome!


Cool to see this comparison of detail! Brinebloods are awesome