Brinebloods- some early wip

I’m thinking about trying green for these trolls. Might highlight teal, not sure yet. Probably a lighter green.

Also need to highlight the leather jackets and such. The guns and swords I used a light silver and medium copper. Also, gonna add in a few more colors for the clothes.

I’m really impressed with the detail on firequil, might be the best looking model in the whole starter set.


Lighting is a little poor today but I felt like showing an update. Mid way through, the last post will probably be when they are all based.


So I ordered some wooden plank base toppers off of Etsy, they ft pretty well. Some didn’t, I had to decide whether or not to leave them and make them look like they are on a swaying ship, or try and cut them and risk cracking them. I left them. Barely noticeable anyway. My next update will probably be the reef troll and boarding party.


You got a link for those toppers for the bases?

Looking great!

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They’ve got a lot of them, not just wooden plank bases. When I ordered different size bases, ebay double charged me for shipping and they refunded me pretty fast

also, i’m looking at this place for 30mm bases for pygs (the ebay i added doesn’t have any 30mm, only 40mm and 50mm) I’ve ordered from them before, they take about a month to print and ship, good qaulity but the bases are of slightly different sizes than listed, sometimes . (the 100mm i got from them was actually 95mm and so i need to use some green stuff to model around the edges, and the 80mm one i got was slightly too large, like 83mm) For a 30mm base, i’d guess that the safe topper from them would be the 25mm topper, though i haven’t tried them yet

also, try looking at these, they are designed to fit warmachine bases

Getting more done with the crew, started on some pygs, working on a second fire with alternate fin colors. Also, started working on admiral boomhowler


Got a lot of new stuff recently, here’s an update!

Battle brig, pyg dirge and great old one, mostly done


Madame Moriarty, just waiting for a resin base