Cygnar Storm Legion - Use of the +2 Electricity Damage and other Synergies/list building

I’ve been looking for how people are using the +2 Damage from Bannermen and the Zephyr. You would think with the naming conventions on weapons they would all be “Electric” type damage but they are not. Most only proc Electro Leap and then you get the +2 damage buff from the banners and the Zephyr for lower POW attacks.

So I started looking through all the models, and there are some Jack weapons that have Electricty and the sprays from Stormthrowers/Thunderers. Is that how the list is designed/built for? Just looking for better ways to synergize the +2 damage and or what everyone is doing to bring their lists to focus.

thanks in advance!

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Just FYI, elemental damage types (excluding continuous effects like cont. fire or cont. corrosion) are in principle rarely / never found on melee weapons, as else they get really gutted by the relevant resistance abilities, and if both the ranged and melee weapons have them, the list gets easier preyed on by models with resistances.

I think in the case you are mentioning, the intent very well might be to make it a buff for shooting and e-leaps.


oh ya I get it, it’s just weird that all the weapons have lightning coursing down them and aren’t electric based damage. Not a whole lotta STORM going on in this storm legion.

Are you playing Storm Legion now and if so how are you running them with synergies or list building strategies?

That’s just how Warmachine tends to function. Melee weapons that are aligned with an element will have some rule related to the element (Critical or Continuous Fire, Electro Leap, Distruption, etc) but given the way that the Resistance rule works it doesn’t make a lot of sense for the weapons themselves to be typed.

Think about it this way; if you’re wearing a suit of insulated armor and someone shoots you with a lightning bolt you would expect the armor to be particularly effective. But if they hit you with a sword that is electrified the armor isn’t going to be any better against the big sharp piece of metal than non-insulated armor would be. A flaming axe isn’t any less of an axe just because you’re wearing non-flammable clothing.

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You bring those models for their other abilities, and the +2 damage bonus to electric damage is a bonus. Most armies have a +4 damage swing, and/or a +4 DEF or ARM swing. The electric damage swing is part of Cygnar’s signature thing. It makes the buff something that isn’t too overwhelming, because it has counterplay (destroy the model providing the buff, or bring electric resistant stuff).

Cygnar has always been pretty punishing, being able to reach things at range and also do some good damage in melee. The +2 e-damage allows the Cygnar player to potentially get some bonus kills on single wound infantry after an attack on something bigger. POW 10s usually kill things like support models, POW 12s help kill combat units.

That’s a long way to say that you’re probably including those models anyway, and it’s up to you to place them in spots where you need the extra kick from an e-leap or electric gunshot.

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