What Army should I play?

Looking to pick a new Warmachine Army to start? You’ve come to the right place! Below you can find a basic overview of each Prime Army their lore and their playstyle. As the game evolves I’ll be adding links to more in-depth topics by other users that dive deeper into each Army.

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Cygnar: Storm Legion


Following an era of what seemed like endless war, the mighty kingdom of Cygnar has enjoyed nearly a decade of peace. While cooperation, openness, and understanding among nations blossomed for a time into a true mechanikal renaissance, Cygnar’s leaders knew that peace was only as lasting as their dedication to the strength of their national security. And so the wide production of a purely galvanic mechanika power source, the storm chamber, led to nothing less than a technological revolution that would ultimately give rise to the greatest fighting force Cygnar had ever known — the Storm Legion. Freshly recruited arcane mechaniks built upon the creations of their predecessors and the curriculum of the Strategic Academy greatly advanced, providing a new foundation for the modernization of arcane warfare and its introduction to the next generation of warcasters.


The Storm Legion is a melee-centric army with a few powerful utility guns. They aren’t particularly speedy, but have access to multiple ways to push and knock down opposing models to hamper enemy movement and set up combos. With access to powerful defense buff spells they are able to push the ARM of their warjacks and infantry to very high levels.

Orgoth: Sea Raiders


Driven from the shores of Immoren more than four centuries ago by the concerted, desperate efforts of the inhabitants they had long sought to enslave, the Orgoth have now returned with a vengeance, their dark host further empowered by vicious new weapons inspired by those that led to the downfall of their first invasion. Backed by savage warjacks and armed with crude but powerful firearms and now dominated by the warwitches who once acted only in the service of the warlords who wrought the previous invasion, the Orgoth have painstakingly prepared for this conquest for a dozen generations.


The Sea Raiders are a fast skirmishing army with good damage output but relatively low survivability. Their wide access to movement abilities such as Overtake, Side Step, and Swift Hunter allow them to attack from unexpected angles and take out key opposing pieces early, leaving the enemy army unable to retaliate with it’s full strength.

Khador Winter Korp


After years of political turmoil that brought the nation’s military infrastructure to its knees, Khador has begun the process of modernization in an attempt to catch up with the achievements of its rival nations, its expanding military harnessing the marvels of modern engineering. Antiquated traditions and an outdated arsenal have been replaced by advanced weapon systems and a modular approach to their military industrial complex that keeps them adaptable in the face of an ever-changing, hostile environment. But as always, the Motherland’s success or failure will rest with the leadership and heroism of its officers and warcasters and with the strength of the Khadoran people.


Winter Korp is a ranged-focused army with a wide variety of ways to bring the hurt from a distance. The Winter Korp Infantry act as the flexible backbone of the faction and are capable of bringing a variety of Specialist Weapons to confront any foe. They eschew light warjacks in favor of two variants of Heavy warjack and the Man O War heavy infantry armor.

Dusk House Kallyss


From the ashes of the once great Iosan empire have risen the new houses of Eldritch Lords, who now reign over their Kingdom of Eternal Dusk. House Kallyss has emerged as one of the strongest of this new Iosan Court. The enlightened eldritch who lead the house have dedicated their existences to the defense of the Iron Kingdoms as they seek to redeem their doomed people, even while accepting their dark fate.


House Kallyss brings a potent combination of advanced technology and undead infantry to bear. Their warjacks pack a range of unique weapons with numerous special effects (and in the case of their heavy warjack, a fourth hard point) that they combine with powerful debuff spells to ensure their undead infantry hit hard and leave the enemy unable to retaliate.

Brineblood Marauders


Pirate trolls!
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Legacy Armies

Each Legacy Faction has two Legacy Armies, with a handful of exceptions

  • Mercenaries has 5 Armies, covering the wide variety of Mk1-3 Mercenary and Minion models
  • Convergence of Cyriss, Grymkin, Crucible Guard, and Infernals are “Limited Factions” which were designed to be more self-contained than earlier Factions and had significantly fewer total models. Nearly the entire range of models in each of these Factions are contained within a single Mk4 Army rather than being split between two Prime Armies and a selection of Unlimited models

Note that none of these Armies necessarily represent the current state of the Iron Kingdoms setting. Some have been disbanded or absorbed into other forces, others have been radically altered in the decade since the Claiming. The lore blurbs for each represent them around 612 AR, immediately before or during The Claiming, and may have been superseded by newer narrative developments.

Circle Orboros

Devourer’s Host


To sow terror and reap death, blackclads who embrace the primal aspects of Orboros turn to the Tharn. With murderous howls, Tharn warriors charge from the darkest forests to strike feat into their enemies’ hearts before ripping them out and devouring them whole. These gruesome, gore-streaked combatants run side by side with all manner of easts, intent on slaking their thirst on the blood of the Circle’s foes. Theirs is a history of violence, and their motivations for war do not stray beyond devotion to the Devourer Wurm and an attunement with the basest of instincts.


Devourer’s Host combines Circle’s hard-hitting Tharn infantry with a stable of flexible living warbeasts. Multi-wound Tharn units give them some staying power, and though their ARM values aren’t particularly high for multi-wound infantry they partially make up for it with a number of ways to heal and a high offensive output. Fast warbeasts and infantry emphasize getting the first hit in to cripple the enemy before they can retaliate.

Secret Dominion


Since the order’s inception, the blackclads of the Circle Orboros have passed down the secrets of shaping and animating wood and stone to do their bidding as wolds. The product of ancient rites and blood sacrifices, these massive stone constructs patrol the old places of the world and ensure the sacred sites of the order remain untouched by outsiders, falling upon intruders without hesitation to crush them under fist and foot. When the need is dire, many villages of Wolf Sworn are drawn together in great hunting parties. Such a force draws upon its warriors’ hunting skills and their knowledge of the land to launch lethal ambushes against enemy columns marching through the wilderness.


Secret Dominion makes heavy use of Wolds; heavily-armored construct warbeasts that are able to take a punch better than anything else in Circle Orboros. The light Wolfsworn infantry complement this, providing fast baseline infantry to support the heavy-hitting Wolds and magic-wielding Druids.

Convergence of Cyriss


The worshipers of teh clockwork goddess have conceived of the most technologically advanced machines in existence. Armed with impressive firepower and fueled by energy sources well beyond the understanding of even the greatest minds in the Iron Kindoms, the vectors of the Convergence of Cyris turn hard targets into shrapnel and smash through infantry formations with whirring blades and spiked fists. There are few things more disconcerting than facing a legion of Convergence soldiers who have achieved transcendence - metal-bodied warriors who got o battle in silence and act in unison with mathematical perfection.

Crucible Guard


The Crucible Guard has unleashed its standing army in a show of force that unveils its impressive military innovations and tactical flexibility. Its highly trained and specialized soldiers fight in concert with skilled combat alchemists and support units to push up the field in a haze of alchemical smoke, backed up by the might of the Golden Crucible’s advanced war machines.


Dark Host


Torn from the horrors of the void and given new forms in the bodies of the dead, banes are dark and sinister warriors in the service of Cryx. Far from mindless, they possess a military cunning mixed with an utter malevolence to life. Supported by potent necromancers, armies of banes beset the enemy like a tide of darkness and death.


First Army


Trenchers are men and women of unparalleled grit found at the forefront of nearly every Cygnaran engagement. First on the field and last to leave, it is the trenchers’ duty to form the vanguard of Cygnar’s military might and seize the battlefield against all opposition.


The First Army is a ranged-focused army. They boast a wide variety of ranged attacks in the form of rifles, miniguns, and light cannon carried primarily from Tough single-wound infantry.

Grymkin, the Wicked Harvest


The grymkin are not an organized military force. They do not come to battle in regimented formations; indeed, they attack with scarcely any perceivable order at all. When a mass of motley grymkin lumber to war in the service of their masters, they advance as a haphazard but terrifying horde. Descending upon a vice-ridden population, they indulge in their unique appetites as they demand their due of wicked humanity.


Grymkin are a melee-focused army with a penchant for punishment. Unlike every other Army in the game their warlocks lack a Feat. Instead they gain access to several unique Command Cards that can be played when their opponent triggers certain effects such as killing a Grymkin model with a ranged attack or casting a spell in the Grymkin warlock’s control range. The rest of the army is relatively slow and has few ranged weapons, preferring to spend the early game collecting corpses to fuel a devastating counter attack.



As an ancient pact reaches its moment of reckoning, horrifying forces from beyond comprehension descend upon the world to collect. With traitorous mortals as their momentary tools, Infernal Masters bring their nightmares to battle for every soul they believe is their due. Though few would have suspected the terrible legacy that would follow that pact, many will pay for it as the Infernals move among them.


Armored Korps

With a hiss of steam and the tread of iron, the heavily armored infantry of Khador march to war with heavy warjacks at their side. Though Khador lacks the light warjacks of other nations, they make up for it with a dedicated corps of soldiers who go to war in steam-powered armor. Few opponents possess the weaponry able to chew through so thick a wall of armor, allowing the Man-O-War to crush enemy emplacements.

Legion of Everblight

Dragon’s Host


When the blighted ogrun tribes go to war, they do so with the blessings of Everblight by their side. Fighting with little regard for personal safety, howling warbands descend upon their foes, crazed by the prospect of spilling blood for their war chiefs and their korune, Thagrosh. Even mortal wounds suffered in battle do not deter them. Instead, such injuries goad them to drive even deeper into the enemy’s heart o shed even more blood before they expire.

Ravens of War


Reshaped by the dragon’s power, the blighted Nyss serve as formidable fighters within Everblight’s legion. Utterly devoted to the dragon, whole shards sometimes join battle together to enact their master’s will. Such highly skilled and self-sufficient forces strike fast and hard with a combination of blade, claw, and bow. Supported by agile dragonspawn and powerful nephilim, these Nyss shards can strike anywhere the dragon directs them, moving unnoticed through enemy territory to secure objectives while outmaneuvering larger armies.


Blindwater Congregation


The gatormen of Blindwater Lake are the core of a vast reptilian cult dedicated to its self-made deity, Bloody Barnabas. Once their leader, this ancient warrior and mystic elevated himself to godhood on a tide of bloodshed. As the pragmatic bokur Calaban guides the congregation from the shadows, gatermen from across the region assemble alongside the bog trogs and other swamp creatures subjugated into fighting alongside them in Barnabas’ name.

Rhul Guard


Fighting in the wars of the Iron Kingdoms has allowed the mercenaries of Rhul to stay apprised of the ongoing struggles abroad. These sell-swords fatten the coffers of mercenary clans and receive valuable combat experience against a variety of opponents. Numerous such clans offer the might of Rhulic 'jacks and veteran warriors to those who can afford their asking price. Together, they crush enemy armies to dust beneath the tread of their machine and an unceasing rain of hammer blows.

Soldiers of Fortune


If war is good for business, then business has been very good to the Steelhead mercenary company. Already one of the largest groups of sell-swords in western Immoren before the fall of Llael, subsequent years of warfare have seen them reach peak profitability. Steelheads can be found in nearly every major engagement from Skirov to Imer, bringing victory - or anonymous defeat- at reasonable prices. The company’s regular presence on the battlefield often sees them work alongside many notable freelancers and experts. The old adage holds true: “Either as allies or enemies, the steelheads are gonna cost you.”

Talion Charter


The Talion Charter originally set out the terms and conditions for those serving on teh Talion, a ship crewed largely by men and women brought together by mutiny and who turned to piracy for survival. It has been expanded to serve as a rallying point for a motley assortment of powerful and well-armed pirates and privateers. These include several notable warcasters-for-hire such as Phinneus Shae, the Talion’s captain; Captain Bartolo “Broadsides Bart” Montador of the Calamitas; and the Thamarite sorceress Fiona the Black. The sell-swords of the Talion Charter have proven they can stand on equal footing with any mercenary company in western Immoren and offer their services at quite reasonable rates, both on land and at sea.

Thornfall Alliance


Once, the farrow tribes of Immoren were scattered, but a summit of gathered chiefs sealed an alliance in blood oaths at an old battleground called Thornfall. The foremost of those gathered, the ambitious warlord Lord Carver, cowed the rest into submitting to his violent visions of conquest. Where Lord Carver travels, lesser farrow chieftains are intimidated into obedience, and other great farrow warlords have taken up his banner. Backed by the mad genius of the human Dr. Arkadius and his surgically enhanced warbeasts, the Thornfall Alliance is poised to strike feat into the hearts of the civilized kingdoms.

Protectorate of Menoth

Final Interdiction


The ruling priesthood and scrutators of the Protectorate of Menoth have no more loyal and steadfast protectors and warriors than the Exemplars. Large interdictions of the theocracy’s formidable heavy infantry and cavalry knights are often assembled to serve the Great Crusade, sent against the unbelievers to prove the futility of standing against blessed steel wielded with conviction. Such an interdiction never wavers in fulfilling its orders, as obedience to the clergy is their unbreakable creed. The great machines marching with them are similarly implacable, empowered by blessings both inscribed on their hulls and filling the air as choir voices rise to drown out the lamentations of heretics crushed underfoot

Retribution of Scyrah

Legions of Dawn

The proud Dawnguard soldiers of House Nyarr represent one of the greatest assets in the Retribution of Scyrah’s arsenal. Bearing the most advanced weapons of their Great Military House, they are implacable warriors devoted to House Nyarr and through it the Retribution’s cause. The Nyss are a scattered people, driven from their homelands by the followers of the dragon Everblight. Many refugees made their way to Ios and have joined in the defense of their god Nyssor.

Legions of Dawn is an infantry-focused Army with an emphasis on armored single-wound infantry. Both the Dawnguard Sentinels and Ryssovass Defenders pack solid defensive statlines and high melee damage output, with the Dawnguard Invictors and Nyss Hunters acting as flexible ranged units that are also decent fighters in melee. The Dawnguard Destors, Destor Thane, and Skeryth Issyan are heavily-armored cavalry models, which allows the Army to field a lot of fast, tough models with a good spread of ranged and melee attacks.

Retribution warjacks tend towards the idea of “jack of all trades”. Every heavy warjack boasts a ranged attack and two melee attacks, making them capable of contributing to the fight all game but driving their point costs higher than comparible heavies from other Armies. All of their jacks have the Power Field special rule, which allows them to spend Focus to reduce incoming damage just like a warcaster.


Army of the Western Reaches


Conflict is to be savored, for battle is the only true chance to prove one’s devotion to the hoksune code. Though the martial orders of Cataphracts and Praetorians disagree on which best exemplifies the martial code of the skorne, they equally embrace the opportunity to demonstrate their adherence to it. Acting on the orders of their tyrants, these disciplined warriors grab the enemy army by its throat and do not relent until the foe is vanquished or they have been claimed by the Void.


Storm of the North


For generations, the Northkin have stood as disparate clans, fighting one another as often as they battled the many rivals who surround them. For the first time in centuries, however, these hardy northern folk now fight for a common purpose. Resilient warriors wage war alongside the legendary warbeasts of the trollkin, while powerful warlocks wield arcane might to enhance the battle prowess of their warbands. All opposition is crushed beneath the Northkin onslaught or is frozen and shattered by the power of winter itself.


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