Boomhowler 4! Boomhowler 4! Boomhowler 4! Boomhowler 4!

Boomhowler 4 as seen in today primecast…
Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at 23.20.03

No need to specify that we need that one ASAP! Sculpt looks great!

No more details? Only one thing is sure… since MKI he works for Khador, so no reasons we won’t be able to pick him for Winter Korps. :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at 23.23.49
(hopefully, I do not offend or breach anything by sharing this extract from PIP01001)


PS: I think I skipped iteration 2 and 3 for good reasons… waiting for iteration 4. :slight_smile:

I hate being the bearer of bad news

unless the upcoming army is old umbrey

His name can only be “Boomhowler the traitor”…



Maybe he got into trouble with the Khadoran government for “borrowing” that Executioner Axe for hit third incarnation.

Although, I think it’s going to be confusing to have Boomhowler and Boomhowler in the same army. I wonder if we should get to know them on a first-name basis. “Greygore” is an awe-inspiring name for sure.

if the forthcoming Army is the expected Orgoth with Warbeasts Army, that maybe made some khadorans upset.

But yeah, things are a bit more controlled in mk4, and they follow a certain structure: the first batch of 4 Focus Armies (Winter Korps, Storm Legion, Sea Raiders and House Kallys) share a set of 6 Mercenaries, each working for 2 different armies, so the combination results in each Army having access to 3 Mercs.

As they showed 5 “Hordes” Mercenaries, but their “work with” descriptions mentioned “and an Unannounced forthcoming army”, it was logical that this was a new set of 4 “hordes” Armies, with a 6th mercenary that will work for the two remaining unannounced Hordes Armies.

So good old Greygore will work either for “Orgoth Hordes Army” or “Who Knows Totally Mysterious New or Old Thing” :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be honest, orgoth second army using warbeasts may not be released as one of the next two, given, there are high chances, sinceit may be the most diferent second army, (although house nyreth might be interesting, and of course old umbrey intrighes me,the only one im kinda mehh on is the gravedigger for cygnar they just sound nu trenchers) but since its a hordes army and from a new faction we may see it as the 4th “hordes” faction and they will probably reveal the 6th merc when revealing the 3rd

I mean, Thorga Boomhowler is identified as “Thorga 1” on her card, so I think they chose the first name route for her already. :slightly_smiling_face: