Corio Bay Challenge - June 2024 - Geelong, Victoria. Australia

The Corio Bay Challenge – June 2024 is the first in a series of Warmachine Mk4 tournaments to be held on the 5th Saturday of the month throughout the year, excluding the months between December and March.
Dates in 2024 are 29th June, 31st August, and 30th November.
Dates in 2025 are 31st May, 30th August, and 29th November.

The event will initially be a 100pt Prime Arena tournament for 16 players, with a minimum 8 players required.
There is no painting requirement for this event, however fully painted armies will be awarded an additional 5 army points destroyed (second Tie Breaker) per round.
Registration and reporting will utilise the Longshanks platform.

The event will feature 3D terrain elements for a range of different environments and settings and will tend toward higher volumes of terrain on the tables.

When & Where
When: June 29th 2024
Where: Geelong Guides Hall, 33 Myers Street, Geelong, Vic.

Cost & Prizes
Cost: $30 per person (inc Sticky Tickets fees)
Prizes: 3D printed trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
Participation prize pool will be determined by the number of participants.
Best Painted army certificate.
Player Cap: 16 Players (8 tables), Minimum 8 players.

Full players pack at

Tickets available from 1st June