Caine3 and Constance in Cygnar

Today’s update added the rest of mercs to unlimited but it looks like Constance/Gallant and Caine3 lost their Cygnar partisanship. Is that intentional or a glitch?

Almost certainly intentional. We have precedent in Captain Rahera in Cryx, and probably some others that don’t immediately come to mind. (Aurora 2? Somebody.)

I am confirming right now.


But Rahera works for both Cryx and Mercs. It’s just two separate profiles. Same with Karchev2, Gaspy1 and Mortenebra2.

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I guess I didn’t notice her in Cryx, then. :smiley:

Or I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t know. There are a lot of Legacy Unlimited models. :sweat_smile:

She’s Prime! :joy:


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No partizan anymore. If they are in faction they will have the proper faction profile. That said I think I have fixed them not showing up as merc options in Cygnar and their character jacks not showing up.

It seems Blaize is still a mercenary model in Unlimited Cygnar and Gallant is missing totally. Also Caine3 is a mercenary model as are Precursor Knights. All should have Cygnar profile, right?

All intentional for Unlimited. Gallent is in there you just have to have Constance as your caster and hit the paper clip he is at the bottom of the list.

Ok, a pity. To me it would’ve made much more sense to make faction profiles to previous partisan models as all those mentioned used to be Cygnar. And Gallant was not restricted only to Blaize. Now it is hard to see why to use for example Blaize in Cygnar (rather than in mercs) when her spells do not work on Cygnar models.

Just raising my voice that maybe you could reconsider the decision even though Unlimited isn’t getting regular updates. It’s not that Blaize as a Cygnar model would be overpowered.

She is not part of the Cygnarn military but the Morrowan church. Many models over the line who had partisan did not get to keep a double profile with the removal of the rule.

I’ll pass it onto the rest of the Devs for consideration though.

One more thing to note regarding Gallant. It is currently available in Unlimited mercs to casters like Exulon Thexus and Asphyxious. If it is going to stay like this I’d say it would make quite a lot sense to include it in Cygnar too.

That is a known issue that goes well beyond Gallant. You still have to adhere to the rulebook when listbuilding even if the app doesnt stop you.