Auto-Generated Cards

Thanks to the invaluable aid of @SuperRusty, the new version of my Homebrew Card Creator can now import model data directly from the desktop versions of the app! There’s probably some issues to be ironed out, and some cards just have so much text that they need a little bit of manual tweaking to look good. And sometimes the data is just weird. But overall it’s a lot easier to get the cards now. Check it out and let me know if you spot any issues:


Some examples:

And now some examples of failures:

And fixes for those failures (with the bottom cards right-side-up for a change):

To fix Butcher’s card, I edited the name, simply adding a fixed number of whitespace characters (I think it was 8 or 9) to push the name off the Khador logo.

To fix the Storm Raptor, I edited the text, adding <span style="font-size: 9px; line-height: 9px;"> before the text (and ofc </span> after), and then manually removed the newlines.

For the Devil’s Shadow, I just used the “Remove small data box” to remove the unit description box from beside the FA and PC at the bottom of the face card.

I tried to implement the “options” system in a practical way (as you may notice on the Great Bear), but there’s a lot of hidden complexity to the system so I don’t know if I’ve done it right.

To select options, use the pencil icon next to the model name in the selection list.

I though of adding a system to choose rack spells, but then I realised that probably doesn’t actually make sense. So I didn’t do it; instead Mk4 warcasters have a “Rack” stat next to their FA at the bottom of the card.

Please double check any cards against their stats and rules in the app, and let me know if anything is off. Especially when it comes to the options system.

Oh, and you might have to hunt around a bit for some cards. Strakhov 2’s grunts, for example, are under the Solos list as “Elite Kommandos”. Which is weird; I would have expected them to be under “units” or “command attachments” or even just “warcasters”.

Do you like cards, but don’t want to have to carry too many? Why not combine cards! Here’s a couple of examples:

Now if you want to run two Juggernauts you don’t need a second card! And you can run two units of MOW with CA for the low low cost of just 1 card instead of 4!

The Juggernaut was a simple case of showing the second damage grid and manually editing it to match the first. For the MOW, I copied the relevant rules from the Officer card, and manually added and edited the stat blocks and unit damage rows. BTW: to copy an icon, click on it to open the icon menu, go to “Set custom image”, then copy the text in the dialogue box. Click on the new icon location, use “Set custom image” again, then paste the copied text.


Quick update: I’ve rescaled the cards slightly to try to try to make them a little easier to print. I’ve also added seperate controls for the background colour for damage boxes, and a control for scaling up warbeast spirals (I originally made them small to be able to fit gargantuan spirals).

I have made some tweaks. Selected options are now listed on the card face, and the “cortex” profile will only be shown under the weapons if it is required to show ability icons (e.g. if it grants Pathfinder or something). Rules text is now shrunk to fit the back of the card, and should no longer require manual resizing. Fixed some issues with Json saving/loading. Oh, and I replaced the base size icons with a text field on the right of the name on the profile bar; there were models such as Torch and the Storm Raptor who were maxing out the row of ability icons, so I wanted to try to leave more room in case of models with even more ability icons.


I put a lot of work into the options system, fixing some issues but also adding a new feature to print cards listing all the options available per hardpoint. For example:

In some cases printing the model card without options and printing the option cards alongside works better than selecting the options on the card; the Winter Korps Infantry, for example, can potentially end up with 10 profile/weapon lines. Which screws up the card since the maximum that can be displayed is 7.

BTW all “granted” stats, rules, etc. are only listed on the back of the card, and never applied to the model statline. The exception is spell details, for obvious reasons.

I’ve also moved the army details back to the main “model keywords” line (it didn’t fit before because the font used to be larger), this allowed me to move the unit composition to the area under the title on the back of the face card. All names are now forced to be camel-case, I’ve also fixed a positioning issue with the title. All in all, the issues I mentioned previously that required manual intervention are mostly fixed.

Anyway, I’ve tried to cover all scenarios, but there’s always a possibility that I’ve made a mistake, so let me know if you spot any issues.

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I fixed a couple of newly-introduced visual bugs, and also a problem with granted weapon abilities that was preventing Medvitsa’s Chain Attack from showing up. Also Infernal Masters now correctly have two cards instead of one.


Due to the EULA in v1.2 of the Warmahordes app, I have modified my card creator so it no longer loads the app model data.

I have instead reconfigured it to be able to load manually written files, so users can make their own collections of homebrew model data.


I was afraid this would happen. A pity. But luckily, Print to pdf is on the way to the official app, so hopefully we won’t need to wait much longer.

Many thanks for all the work you’ve done with the card creator.

Thank you, I appreciate that. Of course it can still be used to manually recreate cards, and can load data from manually created data sets, so it’s still useful.


Do you have an example of the formatting for the manual data sets? Thinking of making myself some full art cards for home games and it seems like it would be easier to make them in bulk in a JSON than do each one manually.

I haven’t had a chance to put together an example yet. I’ll try to find the time and I’ll post here when it’s done.

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The card creator now has an option for saving the card settings (background image, fields colours, etc) and applying it to other cards. This should make it easier to create multiple cards with your custom look. Also I added a scaling factor for warjack damage grids.

I have added a new “Clear spell card” option to the card menu, for creating “single-sided” cards, eg:

I have also added command card compatibility to the custom data loader. Yes, I know I haven’t posted any examples of the custom data files yet, I’m still working on it.

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@SaltTitan OK, I have finally put together a working example of the data format for custom files for the card loader:

When you look at how much data there is and how interconnected it is, you might start to appreciate why it took me so long to find the time.


That’s awesome! Appreciate the effort dude, it’s all really great work. From one web dev to another the whole project is wicked impressive.

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Thanks mate! I appreciate that.

Update: I have added functionality to save cards to PDF. It can be a bit dodgy; changing the page scaling from 100% can screw up the cards, and sometimes when I try it the cards are slightly cropped. But sometimes it works at least! Along with this I have removed the 4-card limit from the loader and doubled the card sizes.

There are save buttons in the loader and the card menu. The default PDF size is A4, for me printing at 100% gave me cards at the desired size. However you can change it to best work with your printer and paper, the dimensions (in mm) are editable in the fields next to the save buttons.

Some other improvements include easier ways to set the card style, read the updated text on the card creator page for more details.