Tyrus, flashing blade and death boon

Scenario: Tyrus flashing blades a unit kills 3 dudes in one flashing blade. Does he get 3 focus from the interaction or just 1? Been some back and forth on the subject in multiple discords. Just looking for a confirmation so I can play what is intended.

We had a similar discussion on this topic last month. It was not resolved to my satisfaction.

The crux of it is: I contend that Flashing Blade, while obviously only being a single spell, generates multiple separate attacks.

The counter-argument was, essentially, “We had an old forum ruling that said otherwise.”

However: those old rulings are long gone, and relying on an unverifiable claim is probably not the best course of action. :slight_smile: We don’t have an official ruling for the MK IV edition, at least not anywhere I can find.

I will tag a PP staff member and an Infernal here and hopefully not get in trouble for it. :slight_smile:

@PPS_Erik @elswickchuck

Can either of you help us with this rules question? You will likely need to go back to the thread I linked above for full context. We probably need an answer in both threads.


I’ll look into it and update when we have an answer


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

In this scenario it would generate 3 focus



Thank you!

Is it fair to say the ruling is “the spell generates multiple, separate attacks”?

Is the similar Thresher question in the linked thread still being checked?

Can you remind me what was being checked about it

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The specific question in the other thread is:

Anson Wolfe’s feat is active. If a model destroys multiple Storm Legion models with one Thresher attack, how many times does Anson’s feat trigger?

Much as with this Flashing Blade question, we need to know:

Is Thresher one attack (despite the various wording bits that says “attacks” plural), or is it a single * attack that generates multiple separate attacks, similar to how Flashing Blade is one single spell that generates multiple separate attacks?

(Various analyses and such can be found in the linked thread.)