Widowmaker Marksman Cosplay

A few months ago I was at a convention. I tried to put together a Widowmaker Marksman costume. It… didn’t go all that well…

The rifle and Khador logo on the Ushanka are 3D-printed. I ordered a more suitable coat online THREE TIMES but in the end it didn’t arrive on time so I bought something off the rack. And it’s hot around here, so not many places actually sell coats. Likewise I couldn’t find any leather boots (and I am NOT ordering footware online) so I had to improvise. The trousers were the best I could find on short notice; I was surprised at how few good cargo pants I found in the local clothing stores. The monocole was made from a pair of shades that clip on to the bridge of your nose: I removed one lens, printed a housing for the other lens, and attached an elastic cord for safety and convenience. The costume beard looked more fake than I expected, but I don’t mind that; if anything it’s kinda fun.

I think next year I will try to recycle some bits of the costume, combined with the jacked I ordered that finally arrived a month late, to put together a Koldun Lord costume. Hopefully it will turn out a little bit better.


Looks good!

The beard is what sells it! :smiley:

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