Weird corner case assassination question

If Rassyk puts desperate mission battle plan on himself, gets merc’d triggering Last Word, and kills an enemy caster with his 3" advance + free swing, is it a draw (both casters dead), or does the enemy die first because the trigger interrupts the attack sequence…?

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Yep. The ability triggers on Destroyed and interrupts the attack sequence. The enemy model would be Destroyed first and in the Steamroller document it states that the game ends when there is only one Leader model left in play.

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Rules quotes.

And, Rassyk:

Rassyk is disabled at 10b of the timing chart. Because 10b instructs us to “Resolve effects triggered by the model becoming disabled.”, Last Word triggers here.

The whole resolution of Last Word happens during 10b, as far as I can determine.

I would like an Infernal clarification on whether we just stop resolving the remaining Damage Application steps on Rassyk while we’re in the middle of Rassyk’s 10b. If we do not, then both leaders are destroyed upon the resolution of Step 10, and we’d have a “simultaneously destroyed” situation.

Edit: is it okay to tag Infernals/staff on rules questions?

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The thread has a “rules” tag already, so Infernals know to be on the lookout. There’s no need to tag them personally, I think. That “rules” tag is kind of like a soul, it attracts them.