Warmachine Community in Malaysia (South East Asia)

If you are looking for someone to play with in Malaysia, check out our local community at Warmachine Community Finder - Kuala Lumpur!

We are a mix of casual and competitive players who plays both Prime and Unlimited Arena. Game sizes range from 50 - 100 pts and some are even open to Battle Forge type games out there.

While we are still a fairly small group, local interest is growing. Feel free to reach out to me, the local Warmachine Advocate, for any info relating to the local scene in Malaysia.


We are organising Malaysia’s FIRST casual Warmachine Mk.IV Tournament, Uprising!

Date: 24 February 2024
Venue: Frontline Games, Paramount PJ, Selangor, Malaysia
Entry Fee: RM 25


  • 50pts Unlimited Arena
  • Steamroller 2024 Scenarios
  • 3 Timed Rounds
  • No painting requirements but highly encouraged

While there are door gifts, best (painting ) effort, top placing award sponsored by Privateer Press and even a wooden spoon, we are all aiming for a jolly good time really.

PM me in this forum to participate. Tournament have limited seats!

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Some photos from the event!