Warmachine in Belgium

If you’re looking for the Warmachine community in Belgium (with a litle Warcaster on the side) I have a few resources for you!

Facebook groups:
BE: Warmachine / Hordes Belgium | Facebook
BeNeLux: Warmachine / Hordes BeNeLux | Facebook

There is also a Discord group, which is (so far) limited to Belgian players - if you live in Belgium or spend most of your time here, DM me for an invite link!

I know of stores in Hasselt (Oberonn), Namur, Mons (both Hasard Ludique) and Aalst (de Hermelijn) which have playing areas for Warmachine and either carry it or can order it. I have not been to all game stores in the country ofcourse, so I’m for sure missing stores that carry the game or have playspace for it :smiley:

Give us a shout if you’re in the neighbourhood and we’ll see where we can meet up!



Quite welcome in Gent as well, locate players through Thunderbolts Gent at

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