Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area, Minnesota, USA

New and returning players are welcome to join us for games at any point level! If you are interested in a demo game, please contact me and I can provide a variety of armies to try while you learn the game.

As of April 2023, you should be able to find Warmachine at:

You can also find our community at “Twin Cities Warmachine and Hordes” on Facebook.

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This is great to know! I hope to get some games in soon.


Awesome! Are you a new or veteran player? I look forward to meeting you.

New player but I have been a fan since before The Cephalyx came out.

I favor Crucible Guard and Convenience as factions

That’s a really long time! Im happy to bring Convergence or Crucible Guard for you to try. And it will give me motivation to finish assembling some of them!