Summer Stockpile 2024 - A Foodmachine Tournament, Springfield, IL

Saturday, June 8th
Doors open at 10am - Dice Roll at 11am
Titan Games - Springfield, IL

Donate food/cash to bend the rules in this Foodmachine tournament. You can modify your army in various ways like improve a models stats or bring a non-faction warbeast/warjack in your list - enough cans allows you to bring a non-faction Colossal or Gargantuan! During the game - donations let you re-roll your dice, force your opponent to re-roll, allow a unit to run and still take actions, improve your damage, etc.

The minimum donation to play is 20 cans or $10. For cash donations - every dollar equals 2 cans. Additional donations will be exchanged for chips to purchase items off the cheat menu. Proceeds will go to the Central Illinois Food Bank. Doors open at 10:00 am. Registration closes at 10:45am and dice start rolling at 11:00 am. Please be prompt so we can exchange your donations for tokens and take care of all pre-game “orders”.

Sign Up On Longshanks

Limited to 16 players
Army Lists: One 75 point Mk4 list (no painting requirements)
Number of Rounds: 3-4 (depending on number of competitors)
Click here to view the full Cheat Menu