Battle At The Brewery, Saturday March 30, 2024 @ Van Hassler Brewing in Liverpool, New York

What’s better than playing Warmachine with friends? Playing Warmachine with friends and a brew on your hand, of course! Join us for an epic, beer induced tabletop brawl that would make a trollkin jealous.

This is a 75 point, Prime format event using the 2024 Steamroller rules.

Doors open at 9:30am, Dice at 10am.

$20 dollar entry, includes a beer token, lunch and prizes!

Three round cap, because we aren’t degenerates… well we are, but we’re also old.

Please RSVP soon as there is limited space. Venmo/PayPal

Enough said, come roll some dice, eat, drink and be merry!


Van Hassler Brewing
8045 Oswego Road
Liverpool, New York 13090

Longshanks link: