Rules Question: Mage Static vs. Spell Slave

This one has been vexing my local group.

Mage Static causes an enemy model’s spell to suffer +1 COST. Spell Slave allows you to cast a spell at COST 3 or less. If a model with Spell Slave casts a COST 3 spell while under the influence of Mage Static, does that change the spell to COST 4, thus invalidating it as a spell choice?

Gettin’ real tired of Aptimus Marketh casting Stranglehold on me.

I will try to return later and post rules quotes in support, but in brief: based on the precedent that Lamentation does not affect Spell Slave, I would not expect Mage Static to affect it either.

(The rationale is, essentially, “the COST is not actually modified until it’s time to pay it, and because the Spell Spave model is using a * Action/* Attack, it never pays the COST in the first place.”)

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Spell Slave says to choose a spell with a Cost of 3 or less on its Leader’s card.
Mage Static and Lamentation both effect the cost of a spell when it is cast.
As Soul Slave has no Cost and Mage Static and Lamentation don’t affect the cost of the spell on the card, they will not impact it.


Correct answer provided