Does Arcane Consumption or Mage Static stack?

Do these abilities stack with several instances of the same ability in range of a model casting a spell?

To be clear, they do stack with each other, my question is regarding a situation where the spellcaster is in range of 2-3 instances of Mage Static or Arcane Consumption.

The rule for same name abilities seem to indicate only 1 instance of the ability is suffered:

So the casting model would only suffer 1d3 damage or -3 rng and +1 cost, no matter how many auras of these abilities they are in.

But it would be great to get confirmation on how it works.

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Obviously I’m not official, but you do indeed only suffer the effects once. Early on, I really wanted to apply the effects of the Storm Raptor animus Sky Fire from my caster and a Storm Raptor, and was politely informed I’m not able to do so


Abilities of the same name do not stack

Mage Static does not “stack,” or that is to say, a model in range of 2 Mage Static models would not suffer a cumulative +2 COST and -6RNG to its spells.

Arcane Consumption does not “stack” in the sense that a model within range of 2 of them will not suffer a cumulative 2d3 damage roll.

However, a model in range of 2 Arcane Consumption effects will suffer 2 separate 1d3 damage rolls.

This is not a “cumulative” and ongoing effect, but 2 single effects that are triggered simultaneously and resolved sequentially.


Another example of this would be a single model casting a spell within 10" of 2 void engines and triggering the effect where they each gain a “power” token.