Resurrection League Season 2 at Mox Bellevue Washington USA

For the month of February we will be running the second Resurrection League at Mox Bellevue. Swing by the store on Thursdays any time after 5 to get some games in!

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Cool! Works for me! Hope to get some games in with my newly painted brinebloods!

I guess you could say I’ might be a leeetle rusty… is this a fairly good event to get back in the game?

Absolutely. No one takes the narrative events too seriously. We do have free play every Thursday anyway and beginners/returning players are always welcome so feel free to swing by any week

Whelp I have tested positive for COVID so we will be delaying the start of the narrative league until next week. Sorry for the delay everyone!


All good, wasn’t technically February anyway yet :wink: Looking forward to it!