Removing a die [Rules]

Im pretty sure how this is supposed to work but should probably be cleared up to avoid confusion, especially with people unused to the system.

Resistance says “remove a die” , damage section in the timing chart has a slot for “resolve an effect that removes die”

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Mk3 wording of similar ability, for comparison:

Note that there, the player is specifically instructed to modify the number of dice rolled.

Resistance removes a die at step 9.a., not 9.c.


I figured but it came up in a new player question so figured clarification isnt a bad thing

Any chance of getting the wording for various Resistance abilitites tweaked to reflect that? The example I gave from Alchemically Treated reads more in line with a “Step A” removal than how it’s currently worded, and the whole thing came to light from a new player applying the rules as written, which would indicate a “Step C” removal.

Edit: And here’s a modern counterexample:


Yea, when the Resistance rules specifically refer to “removing one die from the roll”, it’s natural to assume that it occurs at the step where you remove dice from the roll.

We veterans understand that it has to happen at step 9a, but new players don’t have the benefit of knowing how things used to work. And for the whole “streamlining the game” strategy such ambiguity is bad.


Ok the Attack Roll and Damage Roll Timing appendix, it addressed this.

Step one both times is too adjust number of dice rolled.

Edit: sorry image is what you posted already.
Step one challenges the number of dice rolled. Resistance is included in that step.

Step three, is dice edits after the roll. These are things like signs and portents and a few feats. “Drop the lowest die’” “remove the highest die,” etc.

Yes, we know how it should work.

But as you can see from the images above, Resistance uses the wording “remove one die from the damage roll”. So, read as written, it happens at Step c, “effects that remove dice from the roll”.

What should be done is change the wording of Resistance to read “roll one fewer die”, making it clearly a Step a thing.

Just FYI: we have an Infernal who popped in quite early to clarify that it’s at 9a. So it is definitely 9a, no matter what, until we hear otherwise. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Following up for those who don’t know:

Privateer has a handful of…trusted volunteers, I guess is the best term? …collectively known as Infernals. Infernals are highly knowledgeable about the rules and are empowered to make official rules clarifications. On past iterations of the forums, they’ve had differently-colored names and livery to distinguish them and their rules rulings, but I don’t think anybody has enough experience with Discourse to do that yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

The point is: DarkLegacy is an Infernal, as is Chuck Elswick, whose specific forum name I cannot recall at the moment. So…whatever they say (in regards to rules) is law. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The bulldog avatar is, fortunately, quite recognizeable to old forum users.

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