Question on Shield Guard

Why doesn’t Shield Guard allow you to guard against an offensive spell? Ranged attack just means shooting basically correct?

Ranged Attack is specifically an attack made with a Ranged Weapon. Attacks with spells are Arcane Attacks, which share a lot of similarities with Ranged Attacks but are not Ranged Attacks.

Since Shield Guard specifically says “Ranged Attacks” it doesn’t apply to Arcane Attacks.

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Note that other than the “target in melee” penalty, the similarities shared by ranged and magic attacks are also shared by melee attacks (including having a maximum range).

Shield Guard is likewise ineffective against melee attacks.


Aside from the aforementioned rules, from a fluffy perspective, it’s just very difficult to block a spell with your shield or body, as a model with shield guard would want to do. Taking a bullet is one thing, but how would one block something arcane that isn’t a projectile? Even something seemingly plain, like a lightning bolt, can spark and arc around a shield guard to its intended target.

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