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I have made quite a lot of homebrew and I might as well post some of it here.
I usually make homebrew in themed batches and go over them few times before considering them done. Both for the rules and looks.
I will start by posting one such batch and post a new one every now and then (if I remember to do it) .

The homebrew I make is for the 2d6 Iron Kingdoms RPG

Mechanika and other Gear
Mechanikal Prosthetics

Steamjacks and Upgrades
Toro Heavy Warjack Variants - Castellan, Crucible Toro, Suppressor, Vindicator, Eradicator
Charger Light Warjack Variants - Firefly MKII, Ghostbuster

Careers, Abilities and their Equipment
Man-O-War - Firebat Career
Man-O-War - Gear and Weapons


Very cool, can’t wait to see what else you have!

Thanks, I will post something tomorrow. Properly somthing with steamjacks.

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Could you please put up posts here first for the purposes of discussion before you go to pdf downloads if at all possible (I know well that extensive formatting sometimes makes copy and paste unfeasible)?

It is very tedious to do, and way to much work for the Mechanikal Prosthetics, but I can do it for the next ones.

The first steamjack homebrew I will post is two variants of the Charger, the Firefly MKII and the Ghostbuster.

I will start with the Firefly, and it is a converted from the rules the Firefly had during late MKIII Warmachine.

Firefly MKII Light Warjack
The Firefly is a highly advanced warjack with a very specific
role on the battlefield: the support of Cygnar’s electrified
infantry. These warjacks are built in small numbers and at
high cost. The Firefly comes stock with a storm blaster mkII
mounted on the left arm and a fist for its right. It is armed
with an electro glaive (KNG). Additionally, Fireflies integrate
electrical shielding (KNG) and voltaic enhancement emitter

Storm Blaster MK II (Light Steamjack Only)
Cost: 2960 gc
Type: Ranged
Location: Arm
Ammo: N/A
Effective Range: 60 feet (10”)
Extreme Range:
ROF: 1
Attack Modifier: 0
POW: 10
Rune Points: 4
Description: The storm blaster is a mechanikal ranged
weapon that generates bolts of electrical power. It is
powered by a dedicated storm chamber.

Special Rules: The storm blaster causes electrical damage.
When a character is hit with this weapon, the steamjack can
cause lightning to arc to d3 consecutive additional
characters. The lightning arcs to the nearest character it has
not already arced to within 4˝ of the last character it arced
to, ignoring the attacking steamjack. Each character the
lightning arcs to suffers an unboostable POW 10 electrical
damage roll. Lightning arc damage rolls are not considered
to have been caused by an attack. Resolve lightning arc
damage rolls simultaneously with the damage resulting from
the attack that caused the lightning arc.
Generally this weapon is integrated only into steamjacks
with Immunity: Electricity. Each time a steamjack without
Immunity: Electricity makes an attack with this weapon, it
suffers a POW 10 electrical damage roll.

Mounting this weapon on steamjack chassis requires the
mechanik to remove the steamjack’s old arm and replace it
with the storm blaster mkII (see “Removing or Replacing
Arms” in the Steamjacks section of Iron Kingdoms Full Metal
Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Core Rules). Mounting a storm
blaster mkII on a light steamjack chassis other than a
Charger chassis takes double the normal amount of time and
increases the target number to 16. A character who wishes
to pay to have a storm blaster mkII integrated into a light steamjack chassis other than a Charger must pay double the
normal rate.

Replacing a Charger’s arm system with a storm blaster mkII
costs an additional 60 gc unless the character does the job
himself. Having an arm system replaced with a storm blaster
mkII on a chassis other than a Charger chassis costs an
additional 100 gc. This weapon cannot be used without a
functional accumulator.

Fabrication: The material cost of the storm blaster mkII
housing is 630 gc. It takes four weeks to construct the
device. The pertinent Craft skill for construction is Craft
(metal working). The storm blaster mkII’s runeplates require
four weeks to scribe and a successful INT + Mechanikal
Engineering roll against a target number of 16.

Voltaic Enhancement Emitter
Cost: 500 gc
Rune Points: 5
Description: This device utilize resonant emitters to greatly
enhance all nearby voltaic weapons and attacks. This lets
any steamjack with this device installed, serve as a force
multiplier for the galvanic forces of Cygnar.
It is powered by a dedicated storm chamber.

Special Rules: When a character suffers an electrical damage
roll while within 5" of a steamjack with a voltaic
enhancement emitter, add +2 to the roll.
Integrating a voltaic enhancement emitter into a steamjack
requires the proper tools, eight hours of labor, and a
successful INT + Mechanikal Engineering roll against a target
number of 16. If the roll fails, it can be repeated after
another hour of labor.

This device can be made functional only when integrated
into a steamjack with Immunity: Electricity.

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I’d say the rules for the storm blaster mk II generally look all right, but the price tag doesn’t. It’s stronger than the original storm blaster since it can arc lightning to more characters, which I’d say at least warrants increasing the cost to 3,110 gc, the rune point cost to 5, and the process of inscribing the rune plate to be that for a 5-point rune plate (i.e. 5 weeks’ time required, target number 17) - the reason being that arcing lightning to 1d3 targets instead of 1 target means an additional target on average, which warrants an increase to the rune points by 1.

I’d say this device looks pretty solid, and might even work at a lower cost (4 rune points). I’d also include a manufacturing process; also, a 5-point device should cost at least 750 gc for the rune point alone (or 600 gc for a 4-point device).

That sounds reasonable.
I based the price of the Voltaic Enhancement Emitter of the Arc Node, since its one of the most advanced 'jack upgrades but since I made it as makanika the price change makes sense.

Alright, next up is the Ghostbuster, one of my one creations:

Ghostbuster Light Warjack

Made from salvaged Chargers, the Ghostbuster is used only in the direst of circumstances by the Strangelight Workshop, against powerful vengeful spirits, monstrous Grymkin and horrifying brute-form Infernals. To aid in this endeavor, the Ghostbuster equipped with the most cutting-edge equipment the Strangelight Workshop can produce.

The Ghostbuster comes stock with a high-intensity strangelight projector mounted on the left arm and a fist for its right. It is armed with a bale lance.

Additionally, Ghostbusters integrate the Subaudible Frequency Generator (NQ Strangelight) and Spectral Containment Unit (NQ Strangelight) strangelight prototypes.

High-Intensity Strangelight Projector (LIght Steamjack Only)

Cost : 550 gc, 15 Reputation

Type : Ranged

Location : Arm

Ammo : N/A

Effective Range : 60 feet (SP 10)

Extreme Range : —

ROF: 1

Attack Modifier : N/A

POW : 0

AOE : —

Rune Points: 4

Description : Consisting of an unusually powerful strangelight projector mounted in an armored housing and replacing one of the steamjacks arms. The light is powerful enough to blind most creatures, but it is especially baleful to otherworldly entities. It is powered by an arcanodynamic accumulator.

Special Rules : Instead of attacking with this weapon, to use it, a steamjack must activate it as a quick action.

When activated the high-intensity strangelight projector, place a SP 10 template anywhere completely in the ’jack’s front arc. Characters in the spray suffer -1 DEF and -1 to their attack rolls while they are in the spray. Undead, Grymkin and Infernal characters instead suffer -2 DEF and -2 to their attack rolls while they are in the spray. The spray remains in play for one round or until the ’jack moves.

All attacks against incorporeal characters in the spray, counts as magical for the purpose damaging them.

In an affected area, characters wearing Strangelight goggles can see invisible, incorporeal, or otherwise magically hidden creatures and objects. Strangelight allows the viewer to perceive spiritual energy of all kinds, though without a pair of properly tuned goggles, such energy appears hazy, indistinct, or faint.

double the normal amount of time and increases the target number to 16. A character who wishes to pay to have a high-intensity strangelight projector integrated into a light steamjack chassis other than a Charger must pay double the normal rate.

Replacing a Charger’s arm system with a high-intensity strangelight projector costs an additional 60 gc unless the character does the job himself. Having an arm system replaced with a high-intensity strangelight projector on a chassis other than a Charger chassis costs an additional 100 gc. This weapon cannot be used without a functional accumulator.

Bale Lance (Light Steamjack Only)

Cost : 2460 gc, 12 Reputation

Type : Melee

Location : Arm

Attack Modifier : 0

POW : 4

Rune Points: 3

Description : A mechanikal steamjack halberd, outfitted for combating the supernatural and otherworldly.

It is powered by an alchemical capacitor.

Special Rules : The bale lance can be wielded only by light steamjacks. A steamjack must have a non-crippled arm system with an Open Fist to pick it up. While wielding the bale lance, the steamjack cannot make attacks with the fist in which it holds it.

The bale lance has Reach.

A steamjack gains +2 to its charge attack rolls with this weapon.

While the weapon has power, it gains boosted damage against undead, grymkin and infernal characters and attacks with it ignore spell effects that add to the target’s DEF and ARM. This is a blessed weapon.

The bale lance is a mechanikal light steamjack halberd with the Balefire and Blessed runes.

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I have also posted my Toro variants, they have already been looked over by other people (and by that I mean Morgan).

Here is a summery of what they do:
Castellan - Chainsaw arm and big cannon - my own creation
Crucible Toro - the standard Toro used by mercenaries with the loadout from the wargame.
Suppressor - As used by the Crucible Guard
Vindicator - As used by the Crucible Guard
Eradicator - My own creation for the Crucible Guard , uses a grenade hammer and a buckler fist, can buff its str with alchemy and has full immunity to acid and fire.

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hey i made a sourcebook that covers some of the same thinks as you(NOTsaying i am right and you are wrong i want to make it as clear as possible i 'm not a privateer employee so if you are you may have a better ground to stand, i stand as a fan of the system who was kind peeved that some things i like in the world died without being codified)that especialy the crucible guard heavy my gear version in general is way more expensive and weaker since yours do not have the maximum amount of shots a ranged jack weapon can make since the buying ttacks does not diferentiade from melle or ranged, what is your process of price calculation for it? and i think you ran into a eddition translation issue (warmachine MKII - MKIII) many melee weapons had a POW increase, so the crucible guard sword and maul are kind of over the curve normaly mundane weapons(able to be turned into mechanika or enchanted) cant go over 6 and a limited +1 modifier costs 50 for the fist so 300 is kind of cheap and stat wise it is exavctly the same as the Battle blade in the core book(both in MKIII had Pow 7 Rng 2 and no special abilities) so just reskin it, so if you are interested we can have a discussion about those things to standarize them so to not incentivise tribalism and unnofficial material contradiction.
Before i forgot, the layout is incredible very well done
Here is my crazy sourcebook it involves an insane amount of stuff so take your time:

Sorry for the wall of text, i’m not in the best state of mind right now if i was rude or anything i’m truly sorry
@Morgan_Coalburn , @Nuzak do you all think it may be a good idea to create a discord server or similar to discuss similar creations so standardization is easier?

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Forgot to mention the Armored fist is above the curve and very advantageous to have, first if a jack gets its arm destroyed a new arm is 10% of chassis base cost, and almost all heavy jacks the chassis exceed 1500, second convenience and versatility need to be paid for in some way, higher cost or drawbacks, and the elefant in the room a jack with arm spike+ bucler in each arm is slightly cheaper on 230(50 arm spike+50 arm spike instalation +100 buckler+30bucler instalation) vs 240 (150 armored fist+60armored fist instalation+30arm removal)(my math on this may be wrong so doing this while franticaly searching on the books so might have messed something) and the buckler+spyke combo has penalties that the armored fist does not so is a -2 on non attack agility tests worth 10 GC, and the discussion gets worse when consiidering a destroyed arm.

I have seen you doc and it is amazing (I really want to play a Necrotech), I made my toro variants before I saw yours.
I forgot to mention that I use a house rule for RoF, that is similar to MK3. A ranged weapon gets RoF x attacks and you can the get ekstra attacks from drives and spells (but not focus).
At some point I will post my house rules.

As for prices I usually look at other weapons and estimate from that, but Morgan also helpes with those when i post them.
I do use MK3 weapon stats mostly and have even “updated” a few weapons that already had rpg stats (but not yet posted, including the battle blade). MK3 made several weapons a lot more fun.

As for the armored fist cost, I took the spike+buckler price and no drawback would kinda be canceld out by the ekstra hassal that you have to work with for replacing the fist of the 'jack, insted of just slaping the spike+buckler on the arm.
I might have forgoten the price for an “regular” arm, but at the price you mantion, it is more expansive then any of the most advanced weapons, save for mekanika.

I appreciate that you looked at my stuff and made great comments about it.
As for a discord there are already one. It is for both the 5e/d20 and the 2d6 (but I only really look at the 2d6 part)

Complete new information that is somewhat of a designers “curse” of knowing why some decisions was taken, and many a times forgetting that others do not know that

I adimmit my way is rather primitive, ehh just compare with similar stuff and just eyeballing it i may have the tendency of overpricing it, since i would preffer that my material do not become a “power creep piece” as unfortunamently many non official material ends ups being(some times by mistake, inexperience of the maker either as a game designer or with the system and or intentional) or at least getting the fame of, do i fuck up a lot, my mind is everywhere.
in another topic of price RPGs have a problem do we price it as balance, or as a in universe item, where rarity/dificulty to make/agregate value(urgh…) is a factor, the best way is a mix, lets be honest simulating a complex ecoinomy of a Modern age industrialized society, is a thing that the best teams of economists fail to this day, I’m on the simulationist camp and well thats way too much for me

Ok thats a way, might be a too large of an overhoul, mainly that the wargame and RPGs are rather diferent beasts and work on diferent assuptions, such as the sides are somewhat equal in power(ohhh RPG balancing is a contentious topic basicaly “gamistic”/realistic sides having a flame war), and that the RPG should need less balancing(given that is a company necessity/product quirk RPGs in general are the hardest to make and less rentable Tabletop game and RPGs not being competitive games so power parity is not as needed)

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And i now i might start trying to create a ‘frankenjack"(taken fron frankenmechs of battletech similar to "ugly’ fighters" from star wars) system… well that will end badly…lets see if i decide that it is possible and not an insane complex matrix of how each piece interacts with each chassis… wish me luck if i decide to embrak on this insane endeavor

'Jacks are already modular to start with, so a Frankenjack really isn’t as much of a big deal rules-wise (basically, it should just mean some penalties to stats or rolls when using mismatched pieces of equipment, e.g. a steamjack that gets an arm from a chassis with a higher STR might suffer penalties to attack rolls and other rolls made for actions with an oversized limb only, or might even suffer overall penalties like reduced SPD because too much pressure needs to be vented into the mismatched limb).

Also, some things can just be adjudicated on an ad-hoc basis, so there is neither a need nor a system that could cover all bases. Since 'jacks are still not as common as, say, modern cars, as there are no real mass production lines, most people would try to create matches that work with a given chassis, so Frankenjacks may just end up a cosmetic issue in many cases (this would likely have an effect on sales prices, though, as buyers would both mistrust a cobbled-together 'jack’s reliability, and would be aware that such a mishmash would make getting spare parts even more difficult than usual).

I’d say we might as well keep the discussion here, likely in a separate thread, since the issue has been brought up here in the first place. I’d just ask to go issue by issue and try not to dump too many items for discussion at once, as a wall of text usually doesn’t encourage people to even begin reading.

I know, i dont think it is a needed thing but i have the tendency of wanting to codify stuff, and i may be trying to take my head somewhere else

It’s always great to see folks who are passionate about IKRPG 2e making all sorts of cool homebrew here, so I know that personally I would prefer it stay here where I can see it and share it with people :slight_smile: