New Faction: Those Exiled will Return

So we have the “Exiles” named as Faction 6: I have collected the references and started speculating who they are. Is there anything I missed, or anything you’d like to see. To my disappointment, I don’t think they’re Space Dragons


Thanks for the summary. It is nice to see those hints collected, connected and discussed. I agree with your conclusion. I also feel like there are two kinds of “exiles”. The first group are those that initially resisted the Empyrean collectively (?) and were driven to the fringes of Empyrean space solely because they resisted annihilation. The second group of exiles are Empyrean insurgents (or radical opposition?) that are exiled as a means of punishment. I agree that both groups are probably not connected and I also agree that the new faction probably is the first group. Can’t wait to see concept art and models!