Mox Bellview 2023 IG qualifier

Another Cascadia qualifier in the books.

We had 19 players out at Mox Boarding House yesterday for a 5 round 75 point meat grinder Iron Gauntlet qualifier. Thanks to Richard Palackas for running a efficient and fun event.

We even had a visit from Loren Lower who brought the Brineblood models she was painting. Thank you for your patience and your time.

Thank you to Privateer Press for all the support.

We have the next 2 events for The Cascadia Championship Series posted on its own page as well as the points breakdown.

Come check out the photos here


Congrats on a nice-looking event!

Always nice to see Mox again, even if it is from afar! :slight_smile:

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I too miss Mox. Wish it wasnt 2,000+ miles away.

5-round event though? Cheers to that!

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