Mechanist Assembly aesthetics

As far as I can tell Aeterneus Continuum has some similarities to the Mechanist Assembly however AC seems to have been started by the Keepers as a secret knowledge keeping organization. Which explains a lot about their goals and Free Masons style structure.

This is different from the MA which is a civilization.

There does appear to be some cross over, like with Cryx and Ogroth tech.

However, what I can’t get into my head is what the MA look like. The best I can get is Cyriss and Cryx were their base influences from back in the day.

What do you all think the MA look like?

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Im kinda seeing an evil empire/storm trooper aesthetic. Maybe a cross between AC and ISA? Youd have an actual, standing military, so probably something more like the professional, uniform look of ISA, but with a darker, edgier look of AC.


It’s a difficult one to speculate on. While allied with the AC, I’m not sure there’s much evidence of similar roots. Having said that, the AC did blame MA for being the atrocious war criminals, which in a twisted way probably says they were just a wing of the AC. Look over there: the real bad guys just killed themselves and fled through a portal.

The ma were also thousands of years ago, I expect all races would have changed drastically over that period, so hard to extrapolate from current AC.

However if you pulled some fan art and / or model conversions together, I’d love to see it :slight_smile:

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I get the feeling the Mechanist Assembly had a lot of Convergence of Cyriss vibes to it, but with more edglelord splashed in. It seems to have a lot of religious overtones to how they are described, so I imagine them being in long black robes with metal embellishments and gizmos attached, perhaps with ornate, tall hats like clergy might wear.

They are also described as having terrifying weapons of war, so they probably have some big, intimidating guns and such, too. There is also part talking about the Mechanist Assembly doing some experimentation on the human form itself, making it broken and reshaped – this makes me think of cybernetic or genetic hacking. Whatever that was is supposed to be too extreme for the Aeternus Continuum to have handled, so it must have been some serious body horror stuff. I imagine them the more-extreme portions of the Mechanists looking horrific but also being very dignified and confident, like they should be monsters but they are still in command of their own minds and feel completely justified in their actions.


I would think the Mechanist would look like scifi Cryx, with the unethical body mods and experiments. Faces like the Adeptis Mechanchist in 40k.


So like Strogg from Quake 2 vibes. I dig it.

I read “terrifying weapons of war” to mean war crimes stuff, like chemical warfare, dirty bombs, biological weapons, stuff that turns you inside out or into a chaos spawn. Etc.

Not just “big guns” but horrific effects.


Yeah. Space mechanothralls and brute thralls

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That makes sense. I could see them as living zombies, a bit in line with Cephalyx and their Drudges and Monstrosities, where they are still human and still living but are just abominations. It would be possible to do that without the Drudge diving helmets or mixmatched limbs of Cryx thralls and be absolutely horrifying.


Could be Dark Eldar with Cephalyx mixed in. It’s hard to say, I don’t know what a terror weapon could be. It could be mustard gas to some weird Joker gas that makes everyone very enthusiastic about peeling their own skin off.

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