Louisville, KY - Warmachine MK IV, MonPoc, Warcaster at Miso's Game Room!

Looking for a game of MonPoc, MK IV, Warcaster, or Riot Quest in Louisville, Kentucky? Louisville’s Privateer Press community meets regularly at Miso’s Game Room!

Our community is an open and welcoming group full of veterans and new players alike, and we’re both willing and able to show new players the ropes! The crowd typically gathers for free play on Sundays. Structured one-day events, such as tournaments, are typically held on Saturdays.

Events will be posted on Miso’s event calendar at least one month in advance if at all possible.

I act as the primary EO for Monsterpocalypse, Warmachine, and Warcaster (…eventually…) , and a couple others can/will EO for MonPoc, MK IV, and Riot Quest. :slight_smile:

Store website: https://misosgameroom.com/
Store Discord: Discord

We’d love to see you there!

The tentative event schedule for 2023 is as follows:

Monsterpocalypse Dimensional Doorways League - runs until April 30
Because I am the primary EO for MonPoc and Warmachine, I stay focused on a single game during leagues. So, I’ll still be playing nothing but MonPoc for the next several weeks!

Monsterpocalypse Crush Hour (casual) - SATURDAY, JUNE 3

Warmachine MK IV League - July/August

Warmachine MK IV Steamroller - August/September

Monsterpocalypse Crush Hour - September/October

Warmachine MK IV, Longest Night (or equivalent) - November

Warcaster - ad hoc

Monsterpocalypse and Warmachine MK IV Demo Days - periodically throughout the year (see Miso’s calendar)

I’ll have to keep an eye out for those Saturday events! My group is located in northern KY and we’ve made trips to Louisville before for events.

Looking forward to it!

The Louisville community took a hit in the pandemic (which was 100% to be expected), and we were just slowly starting to come out of hibernation when the Louisville Game Shop – which had been the primary bastion of the Privateer community in Louisville – closed in January.

But, we’re recovering, slowly but surely! :slight_smile:

I will do everything I can to make that tentative schedule real!

I’m sorry to hear about the Louisville game shop! A friend and I had a great time there in 2022 for a Steamroller.

Yeah, it’s both bad and good. :slight_smile: The LGS owner just wanted to move onto something different after 18 years, so kudos to him! Fortunately, a large part of the community is still around, one way or another.

I’m working to rebuild the community at the new home store (Miso’s) and I’ve seen a very solid uptake in Monsterpocalypse in the past 3-4 months despite the fact that the new store crowd is already heavily saturated with Warhammer, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Bolt Action (of all things!), and other miscellaneous games.

Speaking of MonPoc: I should be holding a Crush Hour event on Saturday, June 1, if any of your crew are interested! :slight_smile: I’ll make sure that event description goes up in the next few days.

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Nice, I’ll share the news with my group and see what can be done!

Here’s a link to the event!