Monsterpocalypse Crush Hour, Saturday, June 3 in Louisville, KY


Join us at Miso’s Game Room on Saturday, June 3 for a Monsterpocalypse Crush Hour tournament!

Registration 12 PM - 12:45 PM, dice roll at 1 PM!

Crush Hour is the Monsterpocalypse tournament format. Players face off in a series of Monsterpocalypse games across several rounds to determine who will emerge victorious. This event will use extended round times because many of our players are still new to Monsterpocalypse. Additionally, all participants who played in the league will receive a special prize, above and beyond typical prize support!

Cost: $10

Prize Support includes store credit and the standard Crush Hour prize kit featuring the special Dice Saloon (alt-sculpt Power Plant) building! If we have sufficient turnout, the special Demolition Donuts Factory (alt-sculpt Industrial Complex) may even make an appearance!

Full Crush Hour rules can be found in the Crush Hour PDF, linked below.

• 2 monsters, 20 units
• 60-minute clocks per player

Players may use any of the currently-released maps. At least one copy of each map will be provided, but if you have your heart (or your strategy) set on playing on a particular map, you should bring it with you!

Available maps include:

• Calamity Park
• Destruction Junction
• Isle of Annihilation
• Obliteration Boulevard
• Carnage Corners
• Downtown Beatdown
• River City Rampage

We hope to see you there!

For more information, please visit:

Pre-registration is encouraged but not required.

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Wooo! We had an amazing THIRTEEN PLAYER turnout at today’s Crush Hour!

Special shoutouts to Eric, who literally played his first games of MonPoc 2.0 today (and put in a pretty darn respectable 1-2 showing!), and Veronica and Damien who played roughly their fifth through eighth games of MonPoc as well! :astonished:

Congrats to Phill, Keith, and John who took top 3!

This event was a blast! :smiley:

(Not pictured: three players who ended up having to leave early, or the 14th player who unexpectedly couldn’t make it out today!)

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Extra fun moments!

A blistering first-monster-turn offensive blitz by Gallamaxus and Rogzor knocked out 8 of Zor-Maxim’s 10 health in a single turn! Ouch!

Later in the same game. Poor Master of Xolotl is quite surrounded!


Two different Khan-offs!

You can almost hear the roars! :grinning:

Those G-Tanks are thinking “Why did we sign up for this?!”

Thinking hard before the carnage!

It’s a Cthul Sandwich!

This was an insane scrum in the middle of the city! That neon Armodax looked pretty fantastic! (And Leviathron was no slouch either! :slight_smile: )

Thanks to everyone who made it out! :smiley:

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That’s so awesome. Congratulations to everyone. Super jealous of such a great event!

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