Redwood City, CA (San Francisco Bay area) Warmachine and Monpoc

We’re a Warmachine group who meets at the Game Kastle in Redwood City, CA on Tuesday nights starting around 5pm. There is also a Monsterpocalypse group that meets at the same time!
We’re looking for new or returning players! If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, especially the peninsula or south bay, come say hi!
We have plenty of table space and terrain. I’m always happy to loan a new player an army, and play teaching games.

The store website:
Our discord: NorCal Warmachine


Do you ever come to the Santa Clara Game Lastle to play?

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Hi Ubin!
Santa Clara game kastle was where I used to play! The group has moved regular game night to Redwood City, but I do sometimes meet up with people at Santa Clara for individual games. Message me if you want to play!

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This week I’m going to be busy but next week on I would be happy to run some games at Santa Clara. I’ll send a message when I get some free time.