Lost Planet Games June 2nd Steamroller

Welcome to Lost Planet Games May 2024 Steamroller!
Following the success of our first tournament, we’re cranking up the action with a 75 point event!

• Date: Sunday, June 2nd
• Entry: $15
• Time: Check in 11:00am, first round starting 12:00pm

  • Round 1, pizza lunch, rounds 2 & 3, awards
    • Number of Players: up to 12, waitlist implemented after cap has been met.
    • Army Size: 75 points
    • Army List: One list required, second optional
    *All lists and tactic cards saved in WM App prior
    • Painting Requirement: None, but encouraged!
    • Number of Rounds: 3
    • Game Timing: 2 hours per round, 1 hour clock set for each player
    • Scenario: Steamroller 2024: Recon MK4, Two Fronts, Invasion
    • Tie Breakers: According to Steamroller 2024; using Longshanks to record results.
    • Awards with prizes from: Best Overall, Best Painted, Best Sportsman

For any questions and reserving your spot, contact Don at socalwarmachine@gmail.com
Please join the Lost Planet Games Discord as well to connect with the community! Requests can be sent via Instagram and Facebook.