Lost Planet 2024 Kickoff Steamroller, 50pt, Torrance, CA

Hello all! Lost Planet Games will be holding a small steamroller tournament to get the community here in L.A. and Orange Counties ready for the 2024 season. Looking to build up the community here again and excited to connect with the players in the area!
This event will be aimed as an introduction into Warmachine MKIV for both new and veteran players. The details for the event are as follows:

• Date: Sunday, February 25th
• Entry: $10
• Time: Check in 11:00am, first round starting 12:00pm
*2024 Steamroller sheets provided at the event and objective markers provided by Lost Planet Games

  • Round 1, pizza lunch, rounds 2 & 3, awards
    • Number of Players: up to 10, wait list implemented after cap has been met.
    • Army Size: 50 points
    • Army List: One list required, second optional
    *All lists and tactic cards saved in WM App prior
    • Painting Requirement: None, but encouraged!
    • Number of Rounds: 3
    • Game Timing: 1 hour 15 minuets per round, make sure to bring an external charger!
    • Scenario: Steamroller 2024 *Scenarios TBD
    • Tie Breakers: *TBD according to Steamroller 2024
    • Awards with prizes from Privateer Press and Lost Planet!: Best Overall, Best Painted, Best Sportsman

For any questions and reserving your spot, contact Don at socalwarmachine@gmail.com
Please join the Lost Planet Games Discord as well to connect with the community!


Good luck! I hope you have a solid event! :slight_smile:

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Thank you much!

The number of players at the shop is slow growing. But folks come in, see MKIV being played , and smiles pop on their face! Getting past the apprehension of jumping back in is the main hurdle. The community at LP is friendly and looking for folks to make this something special!

That’s exactly the same experience I’ve had so far. :slight_smile: