Lock and Load Seattle 2024?

Anyone head anything about whether or not there will be a lock and lock on the west coast next year? Too early to say yet? Or already confirmed? Or somewhere in between?

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I don’t believe that Lock and Load is a thing anymore. And hasn’t been for a few years.

it hasn’t because restaurants and baseball games were also closed down for a few years. but perhaps it’ll come back now that the cases of covid have gone down to like flu levels.

I suppose it’s up to whether or not they think it’s worth it, i think the space they rented was pretty expensive. and they can just run events at other stores or cons, too.

Lock n Load was a pp run convention, yes? It hasn’t really been a thing since I started about 3 years ago afaik. Might not be on their radar to do? They seem to be focusing pretty hard on sending support out to communities rather than running their own con

The last official word was from Dec, 16 2021, saying it would be on hiatus. We haven’t heard anything since.

Some clarifying info:

Lock & Load evolved out of the PG games days that were held starting in 2007/2008-ish. Lock & Load as a proper convention began in 2011, and occurred annually until 2019. Lock & Load 2019 occurred on June 21 - 23 2019.

Lock & Load 2020 was scheduled, badges were sold, etc., but was ultimately cancelled due to the pandemic.

Lock & Load 2021 was in the planning stages, but also cancelled due to the pandemic. (Because events are planned and scheduled 6-10 months in advance, it was unknown at the time if restrictions would have still been in place. I don’t recall if Seattle / Washington state ultimately had eased restrictions by that point, but it doesn’t really matter. Everything was still on lockdown in January 2021 when the finalization of plans would have happened.)

Lock & Load went on official hiatus in December 2021, as Malkav mentioned. There’s an Insider about it somewhere.

Privateer was kind of busy in 2022; maybe you’re all aware of the multiple warehouse moves and the total change in their manufacturing technology and work pipelines, and how they launched a minor new edition of some game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never asked about L&L 2023; I honestly just kind of figured they were too busy. :slight_smile: Converting like 1,200 models to MK IV rules while also developing and bringing to market 3 more factions and a bunch of expansions, filling their app with weekly content updates, while further developing their manufacturing processes sounds like a lot to deal with. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I like that they’re focusing down on this. Hard for me to personally make it to conventions, so I’m happy they’re directing the energy where they are

There will not be a Lock & Lod for the foreseeable future. If that changes we will be sure to make an announcement.


:frowning: Bummer. This is something I was wanting to do right before the pandemic hit.

Me too. :slight_smile: Lock & Load was certainly special, and I really enjoyed every single one I attended!

But, there are several other conventions around! Without having any idea of where you are, I’ll generically plug both GenCon (beginning of August) and Warfaire Weekend (beginning of November).

GenCon is actually maybe getting a little too big and expensive for its own good, but it’s still the best place to go to meet the Privateer staff and to see about a thousand different things. :slight_smile: Warfaire Weekend is a good place to go if you want to have a more Privateer-focused, cozier convention.

E3 is also on hiatus, but PAX west is returning! Both are more about digital games than board games, but PAX always had something going on int the past, I think