Squatch Comics "Squatch Machine"

Squatch Comics of Palestine Tx would like present its frist Steamroller “Squatch Machine”.
This will be the locals frist One day 75pt Steamroller event on July 9th, the cargnage and dice rolling will begin at noon

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Are there any social media links or additional information? I’d be happy to promote it.

I have made up a flyer for the shop, but as this is my frist tournament to set up and run as well as attend I had not made any other social media post besides here. I know we have 6 players and 3 table s and if others do show up we could possibly get a four table. That would be all the room the shop has at this time. We want to draw attention to the shop and the surrounding areas that there is still a community for this game in the area as its mostly dominated by 40k in the tyler area.

I have not seen anything posted yet from the shop owner about the event on his page yet. If in the near future something is posted by next week can I reply to this again to share it?

Make sure to take pictures and post them here!

Well today we had our frist local Steamroller Prime event and everyone had a great time. Thank you Privateer Press for the prize support, everyone was excited to see a table of models for prizes. Thank you Squatch Comics for allowing us to host a tournament.


Outstanding! These pictures are great.