How do you store your magnetized cortexes and weapon options?

Coming from Warcaster, I’ve had a hard time finding an adequate solution to storing my Warjack weapon and cortex option. The undesirable solution I’ve arrived at so far is to use a 30mm base and stick a 3M adhesive target disc to the base. One base will accept all the cortex options (albeit crammed right next to each other), but it does a poor job of storing weapons. At most, I can load two weapon options on one such base. This situation has become exasperated for me in Warmachine Mk4 because I feel like the weapon options are so much, well, bigger. Not only does it feel like there are more of them per jack, but some of those weapons are huge since they include the arms as well.

I’ve thought about some sort of pillar glued to a base with magnets drilled in as a possible solution, but I haven’t found anything satisfying yet. What does everyone do to store their warjack options?

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I have not bought myself one of the new armies yet so I haven’t had to worry about this, but I did assemble Storm Legion for a friend. He was planning on using some kind of thin metal bar stock and just sticking the unattached parts to that. This isn’t for travel but just to be on a shelf.

I use a magnetic case with a plate in the bottom and in the lid, models stick to the bottom, arms on the inside of the lid.

I just got a small parts-bin type box, you know, see through with a few divisions. and divided the arms into appropriate boxes, i went “right ranged, right melee, Pole, Left ranged, Left melee” since i had 5 segments one of which was double long. And then i glued some washers to the bottom of an empty-ish subdivision and magnetized the head to that.

I’ve 3d printed some racks with space for magnets that the weapons will fit in. But tbh I usually bring the loadout i use for that gaming night, so the racks just live in my closet.

I haven’t started building a Mk4 Warmachine army yet, but I store my magnetized Warcaster weapons and cortexes in a dedicated foam tray. I have a small magnetic rod I can use to pick them up from the slots so I don’t need to cram my fingers in there.

Of course, Warmachine 'jacks have their hands or arms on the separate part, taking much more space. Then again, my gut feeling says that I’m probably not going to use all of the loadout options probably ever, so I won’t bother magnetizing all of them, or at least I won’t be dedicating storage for them. If I want to try out a niche build, I can then bring just the options I intend to use.

I haven’t tried anything that I like for warcaster stuff yet. But I think I might pick up a tackle box and line the compartments with some of that anti slip bead foam that goes in drawers. It’s another piece of luggage to carry, but it could store widgets/tokens as well.

Right now I use a foam infantry tray for each warjack arm. For the heads I stick the same heads together in a circle of sorts (I have 3 of each jack currently) and put them into a space of their own. It takes up a lot of space though. More than the Winter Guard infantry I have.

I have a magnetic tray from battle foam. I just stick them on.

This was from months ago last I worked on it, but I’ve got these holding bits on my paint bench right now. My goal is to make them compact, or hybridize the concept with wire cut foam


I dig the verticality, but the issue I’m running into is the horizontal space the weapon options are taking up. A Stryker and Courser are half of a crystal-fortress orca easily by themselves, for example. I guess the solution is to get into 3d printing and 3d print a vertical slab with magnet holes on the vertical surface, but that’s still wide enough to firmly accept the options. Ideally, this could fit on one 30mm, 40mm, or 50mm base. I guess it’s finally time to buy a 3d printer. Thanks everyone!

I’ve got some thin pluck foam which I plucked specifically for the limbs. After they were all magnetized, I found some nails and glued them to the bottom of the foam tray such that the magnets in the limbs would stick to the nails to better hold them in place.


Regarding the holding bits you have, are those 3d printed? Could you share the stl? I’ve been trying my hand at blender to make something myself but it’s a brand new skill for me and progress is incredibly slow!


I’m not entirely happy with them at the moment to be honest… They’re a bit big and combersome right now. I suppose I could share them if there’s really interest. Honestly, most of the secret sauce is in buying stronger than normal magnets


Stronger than normal? For Warmachine Mk4, the included magnets are perfect, but for Warcaster I have yet to find magnets strong enough. I’ve been using K&J magnetics to find the strongest magnets at the right size, but I’d kill for access to stronger. What’s your source?

N52 was the strength I picked up from K&J. Noticable difference from what ships with privateer. I tried using one of the spare kit magnets to make a painting stick and it didn’t do the job, whereas the N52s definitely did at matching diameter

Yeah I also use the strongest I can get from K&J. It’s very nice that they have the force ratings listed. For MK4 Warjacks, I think the included magnets work just fine for keeping resin in place.

Oh for tabletop play absolutely, especially with the registration beaks. For painting and individual travel storage, I was having issues