Medveditsa Grab & Smash non functional?

Just checking: Medveditsa has Grab and smash on its head, which doesn’t have an attack connected. It looks like it is supposed to be on the arms, but rules as written looks like it is impossible to trigger?

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I would say the intent is its supposed to be on the arms and will be fixed at some point.

You probably already have, but I would submit app feedback.

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I hadn’t done that before, but have now. It’s a very easy to use system, and curious to understand how pp analyses the results.

I said it needs to be on his arms, but the arm hardpoints have different names “left” and “right”, although the actual weapons are both “bear claw”.

That has always been the case of Grab & Smash, though. Jacks have always had separate weapon entries for different arm mounts because they can get disabled individually, but Grab & Smash has been worded pretty much identically since the beginning.

It should be tied to the arms, please submit bug report and i will also make a note for an update