Grave Door & Steamroller Scoring

(This is crossposted in SFG discord, so some debate has occurred there.)

How does Grave Door interact with Steamroller objectives and scoring?

In this specific example, Calaban has affected a Winter Korps Auto-Cannon with Grave Door. Both Grave Door and scenario scoring happen at end of turn, and Grave Door never relinquishes control before its destroy effect.

Now the gray area. Under an opponent’s control, a trooper becomes an independent model instead of a trooper (Special Combat Situations/Control of Enemy Models). Per rules on model types:

It doesn’t give any restrictions on what an independent model isn’t. The rules also dont explicitly state that its model type (unit/solo/etc.) changes.

Does it stop being a “unit” in terms of its model type? (Nowhere in Grave Door’s text does it become a solo, for instance.) Can it score terrain objectives? Can it score 40mm objectives? If it does become a solo, can it score a 30mm objective?

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The model would be destroyed prior to scoring anyway

Scoring scenario occurs after the model affected by Grace Door is removed.

As both effects happen at “The end of the turn” is it safe to assume then that scoring is the final thing that resolves at the end of the turn?

This eliminates the gray area case then. Thanks!