Steamroller Scenario Victory Definition Question

I thought I knew how this worked, but someone’s recent question regarding it made me realize it could be interpreted a couple ways

If I’m prevented from scoring any victory points on my opponent’s turn by my opponent’s models removing models or contesting, do I still win if I have 3 or more victory points more than them at the end of their turn?

Should the rule instead read something similar to the following?

“Scenario Victory: A player who has 3 or more Victory Points more than their opponent after the scoring phase on their opponent’s turn immediately wins.”

I realize scoring phase hasn’t been defined, but it was a concise way to describe it

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“scoring phase” cannot be more concise than “scoring”

It does not say that you have to score points on the turn in question to win, just that you have three or more points than your opponent.

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A player wins if they have X after scoring on their opponents turn

I can see a world in which that is misleading

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It’s pretty much positive that you only need 3 points difference and not score that turn.

That said with the recent ruling on Wolves scenario which is directly against what the rules actually say I really hope that the SR2024 document will be updated very soon. There are far too many uncertainties.

You do not need to score just be 3 points up

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It’s odd that they still haven’t fixed the language in this text. It is still missing a “more” that you all are subconsciously adding.

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There is absolutely a “more” in the screenshot in the first post. :slightly_smiling_face:

There needs to be a second “more” for the sentence to work as it’s supposed to.

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I disagree. :slightly_smiling_face: This is absolutely bog-standard English usage and phrasing.

If you remove the “or more” modifier, the sentence ceases to make sense. The supposed missing “more” is implied and unnecessary. The “3 or more” clause acts as (and must act as) a modifier to “Victory Points”; otherwise you are suggesting the sentence parses as:

“has 3 Victory Points than his opponent” and “has more Victory Points than his opponent”, and at least one of those is nonsense, and therefore incorrect. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Edited to add: the burden of proof is on the speaker. Bearing in mind this is for a game and aimed at a recreational audience, and not “nuclear control diagrams for engineers”-level technical writing, you’ll need to cite some evidence to support your position.)

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