Defenses: Obstacles

The powderkeg and firepit are both obstacles.
Do they provide cover?
The barrier defense is an obstacle. But also specifies it grants cover


Not necessarily. Many Obstacles do provide Cover, but will call out if they do.

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I believe Malkav is correct, but I’ve moved this over to the Warmachine category in case a more formal ruling is needed.

After reading that are we no longer allowed to charge over a wall if we have pathfinder? The wall card doesn’t stipulate otherwise and the obstacle rule doesn’t either.

A wall actually isn’t a terrain feature by itself. Rather, they are a type of Obstacle that gives Cover.
So, pathfinder is still just fine as it calls out Obstacles.

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Just wanted to add: Malkav13 is quite correct (and thank you very much for posting the screenshot!) that cover is no longer an inherent part of the obstacle rules.

I wanted to answer the specific question about Fire Pit and Powder Keg defenses.

The Fire Pit has the rules “Obstacle”, “Fire Hazard” and “Illumination.” Because none of those rules include language that grants cover, it does not grant cover.

The Powder Keg has a big pile of rules, including “Obstacle”, “Barrier”, “Exploding!”, “Targetable”, “Throwable”, and “Demolition.” Like the Fire Pit, none of those rules grant cover, so it also does not grant cover.

I hope this helps!

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Just seconding Malkav13’s answer on this too. “Wall” isn’t a game term. The answer to this question depends on how the players have defined the terrain they’re using.

If you define your piece of “wall” terrain as an obstacle, then you’re all set, because the Pathfinder advantage explicitly calls out this interaction.

If you are talking about the “Barrier” defense terrain feature, you’re also set because Barrier has the “Obstacle” rule that makes it an obstacle.

If your wall is a really large wall and defined as an Obstruction, then Pathfinder won’t help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much! I appreciate the help, got a little confused on that.


Huh, I seem to remember some promo material calling out you could take cover behind a powder keg, despite the folly in doing so. I wonder if cover is supposed to be there, but got lost along the way in an edit?

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I think that was mostly someone typing a fun Insider without the rules in front of them

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Thank you for the awnsers. Very clear.
In the rules it states obstacles do give +2 def against melee. So that would work for defenses yes?

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Yep, as they are Obstacles and all Obstacles do that.