Losing Pathfinder during a Charge over an Obstacle

There was a question that came up in regards to Baldur1’s feat. Say a model was charging into the feat bubble, and lost pathfinder while currently over an obstacle. What happens?

My interpretation from the base-to-base contact rules make me think that it’s contacting during a charge at the moment it has pathfinder removed, therefore it would stop. Since a model cannot land on top of an obstacle, I believe it would be placed by the rule of least disturbance. These are how I feel it should work, but I am making interpretations off of rules relevant to model bases, and not explicitly relevant to terrain. Would the resolution I described be an accurate interpretation?

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I’d agree he cannot complete the charge when losing pathfinder, as still contacting the wall.

I don’t see rule of least disturbance as relevant in this case, as that is particularly about models overlapping, and makes no provisions for terrain.

I’d resolve it by rewinding the charge before it crosses the wall, as if it didn’t have movement to cross the terrain. It isn’t exactly the wording for this case, but gives a clear resolution for a very similar concept


Least disturbance doesn’t apply to terrain, only models.

In the case of terrain that prevents legal movement, you simply rewind to the last legal position and stop there.