Cover and Prowl

Might be a stupid question: does cover grant Concealment? I’m looking at Shyryss Prowl feature. Does she have stealth if she’s in cover, not concealment? Or does cover automatically grant concealment for the purposes of Prowl?

Cover and concealment have no relationship other than being mutually exclusive

Cover by itself does not grant Concealment, no.

As for whether or not it ever can, that depends on how you have defined the piece of terrain in question. A burning earth rubble template would provide cover (because that’s what it does) and concealment (because it is a cloud effect, and cloud effects provide concealment).

In any case, Cover and Concealment do not stack:

I could not immediately locate a reference that specifies which bonus takes precedence, though.

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I’d suspect the larger defense bonus, but I wasn’t trying to stack them. So my warbeasts have Stealth while they have concealment, but they can’t hide in cover? That is a little odd. I’m just trying to make sure my warbeasts have Stealth as much as possible on their way to eat the treats, I mean enemies.

The models in question would have to be in terrain that grants both cover and concealment, per my example. That is, broadly speaking, an unlikely scenario. :slight_smile:

We’ll need a ruling to settle this.

I believe the question was whether or not cover procs prowl. It does not.

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Yeah, I was interrupted in the middle of writing and forgot to include that part. I’ve edited my original post to include that part of the answer.

Concealment and Cover aren’t cumulative, but it doesn’t mean that a model can’t be benefitting from both at the same time. You can be receiving both Concealment and Cover at the same time, but you would not add their benefits together.
So, a model with Prowl would gain Stealth and a wall being within 1" won’t cause it to lose Stealth.